Sunday, October 26, 2008


I just love Fall! Fall means so many great weather, fairs, carnivals, Halloween, decorating, our annual Halloween party, carving pumpkins, pumpkin pie (well anything pumpkin), football, Thanksgiving, changing of leaves, the smells! It all makes me excited! I have always loved Fall. It brings back great memories, too! Adam and I planned our 2nd annual Halloween party, but had to cancel due to his Uncle's hospitalization (we are praying for his full recovery), but we hope to have it next weekend! We decided to have a Halloween party for our closest family last year and it turned out great! Just a time for us to eat and enjoy eachother's company. We also dress up in costumes, but eachother's costume is kept a secret until the night of the party! We just love our family so much! We are so blessed by each and every one of them. They all add special meaning to our life in their own way! Adam's mom and dad, Diana and Erine, are the absolute best! They are always there for us whether it be by treating us to icecream or calling just to see how we are doing! I love them as if they were my own parents! And just where would we be without our grandparents? Memere and Pepere Lambert always sends us cards on EVERY holiday, Mem Claire and Pep Ray cook for us EVERY Wednesday night, Mama always buys us little things for our house and little things for ourselves and I talk to her EVERY day! We have so much love and support from our aunts and uncles, too! And it seems our cousins are our best friends! And can't forget our brother...Nicholas! He is the best brother Adam could ask for. Who else would he quote movies with and talk ALL Boston sports with? He is my shopping buddy and we make the best team! He is a real comedian, too! We love our Nicholas! No matter how loud or crazy our family can get, we love them and are so thankful for them! Wow...I should have saved this blog for Thanksgiving...haha!