Thursday, March 31, 2011

So I don't forget...

Ella Jae is full of personality these days! She is becoming quite the imitator. She tries to imitate everything we say and do now, like tonight I was cooking and I gave her some cooking utensils to play with, and I took the spatula and patted my jacket with it and she did the exact same thing!! She makes us laugh so hard at all the little things she does. She is just so big yet so little. Some new things she's doing so I don't forget..............

  • E's new words: aah-uh-oooooooo (translation:uh-oh). And she says the "O" perfectly and her mouth even makes a perfect "O"; "Mimi" for "Mena" our dog and "Brea" for "Brady" our other dog; she said "hello" today; I said "ow" when she stepped on my toe and now she says it everytime I say it; says "ew" and she makes a squinty face when she is unsure or doesn't like something.

  • She shakes her head "no" when she doesn't want something like food, a kiss, someone to hold her....she is a STINKER, big time!

  • Walking around with a bag or purse is new :) Girlie girl!

  • Takes her bows out then looks at me with a smile like "look what I did Momma!" haha! Then she tries to put the bow back in.

  • She thinks the word "no" is funny (Lord, help me!) and smiles when I say it and does whatever I tell her not to do. This could be a future problem, but for now we just try to change her idea but yea, that never works.

  • She will lay her head on us for no reason at all which totally and completely melts our heart! And she will pat us, too. So sweet!

  • She has started really drinking a lot from her sippy cup. I was worried at first because she wasn't really drinking all that much, but now she will gulp down a whole cup of milk before she even starts to eat and I have to refill it ha!

  • Claps everytime she hears "yah" or "pattycake", when she thinks she's done something great, or hears music.

  • I do "this little piggy" on her toes the other night and she grabbing her toes like she was trying to do it, too, and kept saying "weeeeeee" lol!

  • We ask her where her nose or our nose is and she will point at it.

  • I will do motions for "I love you" pointing to my eyes then pointing outward to "you" and she totally point to her eyes and outward along with me! Love it!

I know, I know...probably every kid does these same things at this same age of 13 mo, but it is kind of a big deal for us! We think she is super smart, ofcourse! But no, she really is!!

Enter this give-a-way!

I just entered a give-a-way to one of my favorite stores...Forever 21...and get is for $100!! Shasta is also giving away a $100 gas card, too. I mean, who doesn't want to win free gas and money to shop at F21! Hello summer wardrobe!!! My fingers are crossed!

And enter this one, too, while your're at it! The Vintage Pearl is a giving away a $100 gift certificate for jewelry! Oh yea!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Happy Wednesday, Y'all!

I look forward to Wednesdays to link up with Jamie for

"What I'm Loving Wednesday!"

This week...

I'm loving that Ad and I are going to ATL on Friday to see the Boston Celtics play the Atlanta Hawks (and do some shopping)! I am so excited that we will have the whole day to ourselves to talk and just be together with no distractions as well doing somethings we can enjoy together! Ad loves ALL New England sports just FYI :)

I'm loving this wreath I found online and I am in the process of trying to make my own. Isn't it so fun and springy? I even have the perfect flag to match :)

I'm loving this dress I bought at Target! I think I may wear it for Easter :) I L-O-V-E dresses!

I'm loving this other dress that I bought at F21! (Sorry the picture quality isn't great but it is really cute and lightweight, and it was a steal!) Gotta love F21!

I'm loving this Dannon Light & Fit yogurt-Toasted Coconut Vanilla! I have never really been a yogurt fan, but I love all Light & Fit! I'm loving these Yogi Granola Crisps (especially when paired with the above)! I actually picked them up by accident. I thought I was getting regular granola but now I don't know if I'll go back :) Yummo! And healthy!
I'm loving my sweet little family (and the icecream pictured ha!), as always! I love them so much sometimes I think he my heart could explode! They really are the best part of me!

Hope y'all have a great rest of the week!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I am linking up with Chelsea and participating in...

Ten on Tuesday!

1. What is a food that you never thought you would try, but then tried and liked? There is a great family owned seafood restaurant that I grew up going to with my mom's family called Old McDonald's Fish Camp, and when I was probably about 10 or 11 my cousin ordered "frog legs" and she wouldn't leave me alone until I tried them. And when I did, I found she was exactly right...they did taste like!

2. Do you subscribe to any foodie publications? If so, which ones? Does Southern Living or Better Homes and Garden count...I subscribe to both and always go straight to the recipe section of each mag :)

3. What ingredient do you find yourself reaching for the most when you cook? Butter...I think I'm kin to Paula!

4. Are there any foods that you hated as a child, but then learned to like as an adult? I have never been a picky eater that I can recall. I always just kind of ate what was fixed, and still eat pretty much everything.

5. What do you like to eat that others may consider weird? I love collard greens and turnips with mayo..."weird" is an understatement to most people lol! But it is good, I promise! Try it!

6. What is the weirdest ingredient you’ve ever cooked with? Cumin, until I found out what it was lol! I had never heard of cumin before until I needed it for a recipe. It's just a weird word to me lol!

7. Do you have any major food allergies? I don't, praise the Lord! I don't know what I would nor does anyone in my fam.

8. Is there an ingredient that you would like to cook with, but are intimidated to try? I get really imtimidated with recipes with lots of ingredients!

9. Do you bake? I LOVE to bake and wish I had more time to do it! I grew up with a baking grandma and love it all! I most look forward to the days when Ella Jae and I can bake together :)

10. If you could go on any “foodie” show to compete, which one would it be, and why? I don't really watch many cooking competition shows. I enjoy more of Paula, Rachael, & Giada. But if I had to pick, it would probably be Throw Down with Bobby Flay because a local baker, Very Vera, competed on that show and won!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bagels and the couch

Ella Jae always seems to want what I am eating more than what she is given ha! So this morning, I shared my bagel with her and she loved it! There really isn't much she won't eat! The girl loves food and she lets you know it, too, with a "ummm..." and "ooooo..." lol!

E's new thing is climbing onto the couch (all by herself) and crawling back and forth on the couch! She is such a funny little chick! She gets excitement out of the smallest thing like her Momma!

Although, she hasn't quite mastered how to get off the couch lol! She tends to just roll off and we have to be there to catch her!

We love our little silly goose!!

Our Weekend

Friday, we worked late and Ad went to pick up Ella Jae from his parents' while I went to help out with a couples wedding shower. It was so much fun and unfortunately I didn't take any pictures :( But I did manage to swip this picture off of a FB page of their cake. It was a beach theme and this cake was awesome! Doesn't it look fake?! Congratulations, Aaron and Lauren! We all go to church together and Lauren is also one of my sorority sisters! They are having a desitination wedding in Jamaica! I am so happy for Aaron and Lauren!! Saturday was a very rainy day, ALL DAY LONG! We both had to work Saturday, so my Mama kept E while we worked and we both met at my Mama's for lunch. After it slacked off, we headed home for naps. It was the perfect day for it :) We wanted to go to dinner as a family but didn't really want to take E out in the weather so I headed out to the Redbox, Firehouse Subs, and Mi Rancho :) I got Ad a sub and me some mexican! Yum!! It was a great night together of playing and reading together!

Sunday it rained more and we made another day of staying at home! I ventured out for our traditional Sunday breakfast at New Moon :) And then we went to Grandma's for lunch, too. It was a very simple day, but I enjoyed being with my little family and soaking them in with no distractions!!

I had to post this picture of E, even though it is only half of her face because she moved when I took the pic, but it shows the details of her beautiful little face! She can not be more perfect! I could just eat her up!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! It is supposed to rain all week, so maybe I can get all my chores caught up since we won't be venturing out all that much! We'll!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am linking up for What I'm Loving Wednesday!
This week I'm Loving...
I'm loving that today Me and E picked up our cousin, Casey, from school and went to buy him new shoes (glow in the dark Sketchers ha!), Baskin Robbins for icecream, and the park! He also went with us to eat with Adam's family and he got to enjoy some "guy time" on the golf course! "Guy time" is essential for even 8 yrs olds right??!! LOL
We love you, Case!!
I'm loving that my Mama surprised me with zebra print flip flops and a zebra print comforter :) It feels good to be taken care of even at the ripe old age of 25 and 3/4 haha!

I'm loving this little pageboy hat I bought E at Children's Place, even though she wasn't loving it at that particular moment lol!

I'm loving these Better Homes and Garden Wax Warmer products!! They are similar to the "Scentsy" products that are so popular right now. I had been contemplating on whether to spend the moolah (like $55) to get the whole "Scentsy" deal, but then when I saw this at Walmart, I couldn't pass it up for $15!! I got this exact warmer because I loved the neutral look and the fleur de lis on the sides. I got the Baked Apple Pie waxes. They were only $2, and they have like 6 or 8 different ones. My house smells DELISH!!!
I'm loving that last night after dinner we went outside to enjoy the weather and let E play on the swing and our dogs got some extra love :)

I'm loving that I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and that my Mama is watching E for a few hours! I am looking forward to some "me" time :)

I'm loving my little family as always!! I {heart} them more than life!!
Hope y'all have a great rest of the week!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A nice needed night

E and I were playing while we waited on daddy to get home from work, and I got a text from my cousin, Tiff. She wanted to know if we had eaten yet and if we wanted to meet her and her two boys at McDonalds. I told her I just fed E and was hoping Ad would take me for mexican. She said "well, why I don't I just come and get Ella Jae? The boys will love it! And you and Adam can eat together." Totally made my night!! It was totally unplanned, much appreciated, and much enjoyed! And the great thing was the mexican restaurant is right across the street from the McDonalds. It was nice so to just enjoy eachother and talk about our days and future together! Typically meals consist of me feeding E and Adam eating super fast so he can then feed E while I eat ha! When we were done we just drove over there and picked up E. She had fun playing with her cousins, and they take such good care of her! Then after we got home and put E to bed, I ran out to TJ Maxx and Ross :) Sometimes a girl just needs to shop ha! I got a couple cute things and E a super cute outfit with a little skirt. Shopping always makes me happy!! It was a much needed and very nice night! Thanks, Tiff, again for taking Ella Jae to play with the boys! You are the best!

Tiff and Me at Olive Garden for her birthday a few weeks ago :)
Love you, sistacuz!!

One Year Check-up

Today Ella Jae had her one year check-up. She even made a new friend named Laura-Kate :) It was the cutest thing! Ella Jae kept following her around and hugging her! The little girl liked E just as much. She kept holding her hand and pointing at ther bow and shoes. So sweet! The girl doesn't meet a stranger and loves babies and kids. I think I may have a little social butterfly on my hands. I pray she has lots of sweet friends someday and will be a nice friend as well!! E had to get three shots :( And they pricked her finger. Poor thing. I hurt my heart to look into little her eyes filled with tears. She quieted as soon as I picked her up. Bless her little heart!
One year stats:
Weight - 18 lbs 3 oz (10th percentile)
Height - 28 in (25th percentile)
Ella Jae and her new friend :)
Happy St. Patty's Day, Y'all!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Happy Wednesday, Y'all!
I am linking up with Jamie for another What I'm Loving Wednesday!
This week I'm loving...

I'm loving that the sun decided to come out today :) It rained yesterday and was cloudy this morning, but now the sun is out where it is supposed to be which makes me very happy!
I'm loving that Brad chose Emily on The Bachelor! I am rooting for them!

I'm loving that Kendra is going to be on Dancing With the Stars!! I love Kendra's reality show (don't judge ha!), and I've heard she is a front runner in the show! Can't wait to see it!

I'm loving that today is Adam's Dad's birthday! And we get to celebrate together tonight!

I'm loving this super cute flower towel that Ella Jae has! She also has one that is a butterfly and bunny! She is going to sporting them at the beach, too :) So fun!

I'm loving how cute Ella Jae looked in this outfit! I love to dress her up and do even if we are just running errands! Little girls are so much fun!!
I'm loving my little family and so thankful I get serve as a wife and mommy! They make my life complete!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am linking up for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

This week I'm loving.........

I'm loving the Philadelphia Cooking Creme! It is so yummy and the recipes are so easy! Plus you can always find coupons for it that make it only like $1.50 :)

I'm loving this fedora hat that I picked at Target over the weekend! I cannot wait to wear it while strolling around Charleston or Hilton Head in the summer or while on the boat or beach!

I'm loving that my little pookie likes to share :) She will share just about everything! You know she is a sweetie when she will share her Girl Scout cookie ha :)

I'm loving that Me, Jess, and E went to lunch this week and then that night I went to her jewelry party where Ella Jae couldn't keep her little hands off baby Jonah :) They were so cute! And I'm loving that super cute hat on E :)

I'm loving my little family, as always! I love waking up to them each day and spending my days loving them! I wouldn't have it any other way!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Our Weekend

Friday night consisted of a scruptious and very healthy Subway dinner at home and we even let E stay up later than normal because we missed her so much! Those are the best nights! Just staying in as a little family, watching tv, and chasing E all around ha!

Saturday we both had to work so Adam's dad kept E for us that morning and when we all got home, we had som lunch and gave E her first Girl Scout cookie :)

Then while E napped we got ready for a dinner date :) Me, Ad, and E went to eat at Salsa's (I could eat mexican everday of my life ha!) and then we went to Target :)

Then we went to Adam's parents house to spend some time with his family from RI before they left go back home. E loves her little car :)

We will miss everyone very much and will look forward to the next time we see them in June! We had such a great fun filled two weeks with everyone! Thank y'all so much for coming to see us and spend E's first birthday with us! We love y'all so much!!

Before we left, E got into her Mem's purse haha! The girls LOVES a purse and anything girly :)

On Sunday we went to church and have lunch. I also was able to get some shopping time in while E napped which was super great and refreshing :) It is so funny how shopping can totally change my mood and I don't even have to really buy anything ha! Then that afternoon we went to the new Dunkin Donuts which was only have a preview "by invitation only"! We are kind of a big deal ha! Adam's brother works for DD so we went to support him plus we all love it AND it was all FREE!!!

Nicholas hard at work ha! Love you, Nicho :) He seriously made me the best double scoop sundae I have ever eaten! So yummy!

Adam totally took advantage of the "FREE" stuff haha! Nicholas really wanted to make a waffle cone ha, so Adam got this gigantic cone and smoothie...silly boy!

E enjoyed some yummy treats, too! Her Daddy shared with her :) She also got her own little munchin donut :) She is such a big now! It is like she turned one and turned into a little independent toddler :( Love her to pieces!!

Later that night we enjoyed playing this new game called "Shakin Sorry!" It is the same concept as the normal "Sorry!" but doesn't take as long to play. We all got a little silly and had so much fun!! Looking forward to a week with my family and getting my house in order because boy does it need it!
Happy Monday!