Monday, May 21, 2012

Our Weekend

When I walked in a quiet house from working on Saturday, this is what I saw...

Bless his heart, his little princesses wore him out!  He's such a good daddy!  

I stopped by Sonic on the way home because I was one of the managers on rotation and we had to stay until 2pm.  I ofcourse picked up a vanilla diet coke!  E can spot a Sonic cup from a mile away so I let her eat my ice.  Girlfriend loves some Sonic ice...but then who doesn't?

Nothing brings me happiness quite like a mailbox filled with such loviness especially on a Saturday!

On Saturday, I also ran over to Jess' house to fix her hair for a wedding she was going to!  Doesn't she look beautimous?

Mom and dad offered to keep the girls again on Saturday night so we had another date night!  We are on a roll and loving it!  We didn't to take the motorcycle so Adam followed us to his parents.  And before we left their house, I took this picture of Ella Jae and Memere doing a little painting :)  We went to Red Bowl and Books a Million!  We are so exciting ha! 

Sunday was church and lunch at Grandma's aka Grammy!  Ella Jae just randomly started calling Grandma "Grammy" and she loves it.  Then we came home.  Adam cut the grass and I cleaned the floors while the girls napped.  Is it just not pure bliss when kids nap at the same time!!  We finished the night at Mom and Dad's with some grilled hamburgers and diy icecream sundaes!  Yummo!

Friday, May 18, 2012


I am exciting to link up with instafriday
What a great way to reflect on the week's activites!

{Excited about jammin' out to her Fresh Beat cd, so excited she said 'hand, mommy' and we danced together go down the for moments like that!}

{E racked up at Target}

{E and Mommy date at Target}

{M lovin' bathtime.  I put M's tub in the big tub with E.  It was a success!}
{Mommy and E time while M napped}


{What could be better than having a picnic on your bedroom floor?}


{E had to get in on the paci action}

{Pretty Princesses}

Happy Weekend!

Lathan's baseball game

Monday night, E and I went to watch Lathan play baseball.  It was such a fun night. E loved that lathan waved to her from the field. E stood at the fence a while and every time a kid would run, she would clap and say yah!  She loves her cousins so much and they just adore her! Thankful for their love and friendship.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Date Night

Adam and I had a date night on Saturday!  We are getting so spoiled by them. It has been so great spending much needed quality time together at the end of each week. This week we were so tired and really just wanted to sleep instead of going out but we managed to find enough energy to eat at Red Bowl, go to Target and Books a Million! We had a wonderful time. Thanks, mom and dad!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I celebrated my third Mother's Day, and this year is the first year I celebrate as a Mommy of two little beauties!  I couldn't be more blessed!  Adam let me sleep in until 9:30 and then I woke up to flowers, TJ Maxx giftcard, The Vow dvd, Carrie Underwood cd, Dunkin Donuts k cups and the sweetest homemade card ever.  It was a posterboard with painted hand and footprints of my girls and even a giant handprint from Ad ha!  Made my year!We rushed off to church and then to my grandma's for lunch and then Adam's parents for a family filled day.  We started a tradition a few years ago that the guys grilled shish-ka-bobs for all the Moms....such a great tradition!  We had such a great day.  The day was so great that Ella Jae decided to skip naptime to take it all in.  Adam took care of the girls all day so it was nice to be able to just kick back and chit chat which I don't normally get to do.  Both girls feel asleep in the car ride home so it was nice having a quite car ride home...ah, the things you get excited about once you have kiddos.

And then the gifts continued because Maeline slept from 11 pm until 6:45 am this morning!  HALLELUJAH!  It felt so wonderful to get a full nights rest.  Ella Jae decided to sleep in, too, and now Maeline is napping so it has been a beautiful morning, minus to rain that is coming down.

Mother's Day is a bittersweet day for me.  It is a day I now share with my Momma who is no longer with us.  It makes me sad that I can't celebrate her and the grandmother she would be to my girls, and that she isn't here to see the mother I am in which she helped create.  But it is also a very happy and joyous day because this is my third Mother's Day, and the first as a Mommy of two very special and beautiful little girls. 

I always dreamed of being a Mom as a little girl and more so as I got older.  I wanted so badly what was taken from me at such an early age.  Although it isn't always easy, it is by far the best part of my life.  The love I feel for my girls is unconditional.  There are so many times when I look at them and my eyes fill with tears because the love I feel for them is so overwhelming.  They are sweet little answered prayers and they don't even know it yet.  They don't know just how loved and cherished they truly are.  There isn't anything I wouldn't do for them, and I am so proud to be their Mother.

Ella Jae & Maeline,

I am so happy to celebrate Mother's Day with you.  I celebrate Mother's Day now because of you.  Because God picked me to be your special Mommy, to love you and take care of you forever and ever.
You are lights of my life.  You my greatest accomplishments and you make me so proud to be your Mommy.  Being your Mommy brings me so much joy that my heart just overflows with happiness.  There isn't anything in the world I'd rather do than spend my days with both of you.  You make me smile and laugh every single day, and I constantly thank God for your precious little life.  My favorite days together are giving you kisses and big squeezes, having dance parties in the living room, going to the park, having picnics in your bedroom, dressing your up in pretty dresses and big bows, making up silly words and sounds, blowing bubbles and playing the sandbox, "tuddling," rubbing your back and saying prayers at bedtime, hearing the words "'qwinkle', Mommy?/'shunshine', Mommy?" and singing together.  So many things about our days together warm my heart.  I just want to bottle up moments so I keep them with me forever.

There are several things that I want you to remember as you grow: 
Love God with all your heart and seek His will, do this and you will have all you ever need in this life.

Know your Mommy and Daddy love you with all our hearts and we'll always be here for you.
Always be kind to others even if they are ugly to you.
Do something nice for someone everyday.
Always use good manners: yes ma'am/sir and no ma'am/sir, please and thank you.
Laugh. Everyday. Even if it means laughing at yourself.
Don't forget to say the blessing.
Talk to God each day.
If you start something, finish it.
Always speak the truth.
Remember nice things people say to you, ignore the bad.
Don't say mean things to friends or about them.
God gave you many talents, take time to explore them.
Speak well and clear, it shows confidence.
Choose your friends wisely.
Wear pink and paint your nails (oh the joys of being a girl!).
Always let your conscience be your guide.
Always think twice before your spend (this comes from Daddy ha!).
As long as you do your best, that will be enough for me.
And never forget that "I love you through and through", and  "I love you forever, I'll like you for always.  As long as I'm living my baby you'll be."
I am one thankful and blessed Momma because of my two beautiful, precious baby girls.  I look forward to each new day and experience I get to share with you.  I pray I bring glory to God and honor Him by being your Mommy.  Becoming your Mommy is the greatest gift I've even been given, and has taught me how to love in a way that you'll only experince when you two become a Mommy someday.
I love my sweet pretty princesses!
Always and Forever,

Friday, May 11, 2012

The past 7 weeks...

Have been harder and more exhausting than I ever imagined but at the same time, more wonderful and exciting than I could have ever dreamed! I am going to be honest, having two babies is double the work and it isn't easy but it also double the sweetness.  I mean there are some days I don't brush my teeth until 1:00 in the afternoon and I am guilty of seating Ella Jae infront of the TV with fruit snacks and chocolate milk so I can feed Maeline uninterupted but we also have days where everything seems so effortless and we breeze through the day with no meltdowns from either of the girls (me included ha!). I am so blessed and honored God chose me to be the mommy of my two beautiful little girls and if I serve no other purpose on this earth than being their mommy, I will have lived a fulfilled life.  Our family feels complete now and my heart is so full! I will let the pictures do the talking...

More to come!