Friday, August 2, 2013

Five on Friday Link Up

Since out of hidding, I thought I'd link up with Darci and her gals for a little fun "5 on Friday!"  I've been wanting to since she started but never found the motivation.  So I'm here now and wanted to share a few things!  So here it goes...

We attended a wedding in Marietta, GA this past weekend and snapped this sweet pic of Mae during the ceremony.  She was amazed by the bag pipes!  She looks so big yet so tiny. The girls were on the very best behavior.  I just knew I was going to be standing outside with one or both of them ha!


Pinterest does it again!  I wanted to try these "smores" while we went camping this summer but got the stuff while I was grocery shopping yesterday and figured it be just as easy at home.  So easy and so yummy!  It's a pack of fudge stripe cookies and jumbo marshmallows.  Pop cookie topped with marshmallow in the oven til a little golden and top with additional cookie and voila!


Our dining room is the only room in our house right now that is somewhat complete.  And I can't stop obsessing over it!  I love it!


Me and the girls had a little GNO this week while Daddy was slaving away at the new house.  He can sometimes work quicker without us so we hit up none other than Chickfila!  It is our go-to spot always!  We had a big time and E made lots of friends, even had a little almost pay for her icecream cone ha!  Oh, that girl!  Always an adventure with those two, I tell ya!


I'm really anxious to get my sewing machine back out and actually have a little craft "space" on our new house!  Before I had to take it down and put it away when I wanted to use it.  I hoping I can whip up a few of these little "bib" tops for my whittle girlies.  Love all things by Lolly Wolly Doodle but x2 for everything isn't in our budget right now so we'll see what I can create :)  Wish me luck!

So that's it for now!  Can't wait to play along next week :)

New Beginnings

No better time than the present to try to play catcy up!  I have fallen off the blogger wagon but wanted to document this new beginning for my little Lamb fam...the purchase of our forever home!  We made the decision to put our home on the market back in March with the hopes of purchasing a home that was a steal.  That home sold, and I was really discouraged but everyone encouraged us to keep looking because it wasn't meant to be.  So we continued to leave our home for sale in hopes we would find another home that we loved as much or more than the other.  At the end of May, we had an offer on our home and things were moving along with that but still had no luck on a future purchase.  We started cruising neighborhoods we liked hoping we would find something that struck our fancy just as we had we with our first home.  Adam first saw our new home online and with it being near his parents, we took a drive on the golf cart and fell in love with it!  It was surely my dream home....colonial, picket fence, hardwoods, perfectly landscaped, everything!  We immediately jumped on it when we saw the price had been lowered $20k only three days prior.  We knew it would go fast so we got the ball rolling Father's Day weekend.  It all happened so fast but it felt so right.  We closed last Friday, and we couldn't be more excited for this new beginning!  We've been hard at work this week getting it move-in ready.  We have to wait on the cabinet guy until Monday but can hardly wait to hopefully start sleeping there this weekend!  Sunday is our 6th anniversary, so what a sweet gift that will be to begin sleeping at our forever home. 

We made so many memories at our very first home from spending our wedding night there to bringing each of babies home there, but house is just house and its all about the memories you make there.  I look forward to the many memories that will be made at our forever home with our precious girls and all the joy and laughter that will fill this new home.  It makes me a little emotional just thinking about it.  I don't know where we would be without the help of our family and friends.  They've all pitched in someway, shape or form to make this dream of ours a reality!  I'm so thankful for my hardworking hubby who works all day and then goes to the new house to work some more.  He works so hard to provide for our family and I couldn't be more blessed by him.  I'm a girl with a very full and very happy heart!

"Every good and every perfect gift is from above."  James 1:17

Stay tuned for a little home tour..........

Friday, November 9, 2012

Our week in pictures...

We've had a pretty eventful week, but we love it that way!

I took Mama to the doctor and then we hit up the new Steak 'n Shake!

My Mama and best friend!  Thankful for happy results at the doc :)

Delish Heath Bar milkshake and holla.......they are half-priced each day from 2-4!

So excited when I saw Starbucks has the holiday cups out!  Put a little pep in my step when I had to take M back to the doctor on Wed for this yuck sinus infection she has been battling!

Are these seriously not life savers for mommies?!

Sweet M still sick but smiling through it as always :)

We were on our way to Atlanta Bread to meet Nini for breakfast when E informed me:  "my sun is in my eyes..." so I gave her my sungalsses and she rocked them all the way there!  Girlfriend cracks me up!

Nini with her girls at breakfast :)

Little Miss is crawling everywhere, always wants to be down and moving, and is pulling up on everything...she even got really brave yesterday and held on wtih one hand.  She is always trying to stand from a crawl position by pushing up on all fours...but I haven't been able to get a pic yet...

Rocking my new booties from Sole Society!  LOVE!

Also found these yummies at Target, ofcourse!  Taste just like homemade :)  Yah for Christmas goodies!

Now to just finish out this workday and move on to this holiday weekend that I get to enjoy my family for two solid days!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Disney on Ice with E

We took Ella Jae to Disney on Ice last night.  She was so excited about going and told everyone she was going to see "On Ice!"  She is at such a fun age!  She lasted 2 hrs at the show, and then we all started to get a little board on the last skit so we dipped out on Toy Story.  Adam joked that all E needs to sit still is loud music and a big production ha!  She LOVED Mickey and Minnie and kept asking "where they go?" and  "Where Minnie go?"  when they left. 

Waving to Mickey and Minnie :)

Amazed at all the action!

We had to put our wings back on once we saw Tinkerbell with her wings, too :)

And what is any special activity without fun and special goodies? She racked up thanks to Poppy!

We all had an awesome time!  The best ofcourse was watching E's excitement through it all.  She was also very concerned about the frog during the TInkerbell skit and even talked about where the froggie went once we got home ha!  Love that little thing to pieces!  This was the first of many super fun events, I'm sure, and we look forward to them all with our precious girls!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Style Me Swanky give-a-way

I have been dying for one of these GiGi New York All-in-one bags!
You have to head over to Style Me Swanky and enter for your chance to win, too!
Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy October and hump day!
Here is what I'm loving on this perfect Fall Day...
I'm loving that the leaves are starting to turn colors!
I'm loving I am having a craft day with my bestie tomorrow!  Bring on the burlap :)
I'm loving that we kicked off the week with Moe Monday!
I'm loving E's first french braid!

I'm loving that I FINALLY found Pumpkin Spice creamer!  Love you, Target!!
I'm loving this beautiful couple!  So happy for Megan and David!
I'm loving all the precious gifts Megan and her bridesmaids showered me with for doing their hair for the wedding!!
I'm loving this super cute animal print dress from Target!  Can't wait to sport it with some black booties!
I'm loving that we already have both of the girls costumes!  They are both going to be lady bugs :)
I'm loving my girls (and hubby), as always! 
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Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Weekend

Whew...glad the weekend is over!  I have a new appreciation for single moms.  Adam left Saturday morning for his motorcycle trip to TN.  He made it there and back safe and sound!  Praise the Lord!  I love my girls to the moon and back and cherish my time with them but I was worn slap out by the time Ad came home.  I ofcourse had to pack for my little guy because he is world's worst minimal packer and I snuck him in some little snacks :)

Saturday morning after Ad left, I dropped the girls off with his Mom so I could first pick up some caffiene and then go fix some wedding hair!  I had the pleasure of fixing the hair of some of my best friends and sorority sisters :)  

Post fixing hair...

I ran home to get ready for the wedding.  Adrianna came over to keep the girls and spend the night to be my extra set of hands :)  Love her!
The most beautiful bride and her lucky groom :)

I got to sit next to one of my fav sorority sisters!

Yummy wedding food!!

Adrianna went to church with us on Sunday and we went to Salsa's for lunch followed by naps :)

Was happy to spend some quality time with Adrianna but oh so happy to have my hubby home and I appreciate him and his help more than he will ever know!
All in all, a busy but super fun weekend ;)

Friday, September 28, 2012

friday five


We had a great week and ofcourse it went by way too quickly!

Excited about the weekend because I am doing hair for the wedding party of my great-great-grand little in my sorority!  Then I also have a little anxiety because Adam is taking a motorcycle ride to TN with a group.  Prayers please!

1.  Late afternoons feeding the duckies...I see many of our Fall afternoons spent here.

2.  McDonald's dipped cones!

3.  My littlest little is now 6 mths old and we went for her 6 mth check up yesterday.

4.  Halloween candy and goodies!  Somehow things taste better when they are a festive shape or color!

5.  This quote.

Happy Friday!  Ready to take on this day and gear up for our fun weekend ahead!