Saturday, March 28, 2009

Adam's new schedule

So starting tonight, Adam begins his new work schedule...10:00 pm - 8:00 am. He does get four days off in a row, we will have our afternoons together, and I get to cook for him each night :) But it stinks having to those crazy hours! I feel for him. I can't imagine having to stay awake all night. And he is not one to really sleep during the day or take naps, but hopefully he can find a routine. The schedule is only for six weeks so hopefully at the end of the six weeks, his work schedule will be somewhat normal again! But there is a bright side, we will get to see more of one another, which will be fantastic because I wouldn't see him at all somedays with the way his schedule was before. And I finally get to plan out my meals and cook for him each night, which I am super excited about!!! Adam is such a strong and ambitiuos person that I know he will do just fine, but just say a little prayer for him...

Our HHI Trip

We have been back to reality for a week and I miss HHI! I enjoyed it so much, I asked Adam could we move there! We seriously considered it for like .25 seconds, but it was a nice thought! We really enjoyed our time at HHI and together! It felt so nice to sleep in and to just tackle the day minute by minute, no agenda. We really needed the R&R, especially Adam! I finally went to Paula Deen's!! It was so great! I even got to meet her son, Bobby Deen, and I took a picture with him and he signed my cookbook! Adam was such a trooper when we went to Savannah; he truly is the best!! We walked around for hours waiting on our reservation time and he just endured it, he never once complained. As far as the rest of time, we rode bikes and tired new resturants on the island, went to the movies, has Starbucks each day, and went to Barnes and Noble each night! It was awesome! It was windy a few days but the weather was beautiful each day, praise the Lord! Mom and Dad were able to come visit us on Friday and stayed until Saturday. It was great having them. We had a lot of fun together! We rode biked together, which I don't know if it was such a great idea because me and mom had TWO bike wrecks...quite hilarious though! One lady even stopped to make sure we were ok, and once she realized we were ok said "I wish I had a video camera!!"...and we were like "uh, thanks lady..." was so funny! Now we can only look forward to our next vaca...Myrtle Beach in June! Ya just feel better about everything knowing that you have another vaca to look forward to! It makes going to work a little more easy!