Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our weekend

We had a really fun weekend!  Saturday I worked and then we went on a triple date night with our favorites:  Katie & Hal and Meredith & Chad.  For about a year now, each month we go on a triple date night!  We have so much fun with them and treasure our relationships because it is rare that couples find other couples that both spouses completely click with one another.  We met up at Salsa's for dinner and then we went to the movies.  The girls went to see Magic Mike and the guys went to see Ted.  Magic Mike was fun and totally made me blush but not really something that I have to see again.  And Adam talked me into riding the motorcycle.  To say it was aweful would be an understatement ha!  And with temps reaching record highs this past week, it felt like I was riding in an oven!  But we made it and the ride back wasn't so bad ha.

Sunday, we went to church and I love it when E makes sweet little things to bring home.  Even if the teachers do help her, it still warms my heart :)  Then we went with family to eat lunch.  E started not feeling well and having a runny nose so she wasn't in the best of spirits but we made the most of it.  We then we to his parents house to swim but didn't even make it to the pool.  We all crashed for like 2 hours and it was wonderful!  I can't remember the last time we all napped as a family.  We finished out the weekend with dinner at Grandma's and I caught up on the Kardashian's :)

Me and M sleeping!  Doesn' get much sweeter than this!

The fellas at dinner.

The girls :)

A member surprised us with cupcakes and juice at work on Saturday!

E at lunch on Sunday giving the 'stink eye' ha!

Waiting in line to see Magic Mike!

Sweet M sleepin...love this juicy little face :)

Me and M at lunch on Sunday!

Sweet Sunday School artwork!

Date night in the oven on the motorcycle ;)