Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Anniversary cruise coming soon!

Adam and I are going on a Royal Caribbean cruise for our 3rd Anniversary! I am so excited and cannot wait for this trip! We were planning on Jamaica but with the price of passports and when we found out we could take a cruise for half the price, our minds were easily changed. We still have to purchase the passport to go by boat or land but it is way cheaper than the other! We may even go with my sistacuz, which would be super fun. We went on a cruise for our honeymoon and it was awesome, but we said if we did a cruise again we would want it to be atleast with one other couple. So hopefully they will come, too. I am super excited! A cruise is always the best way to go. Although I do want to do an all inclusive resort sometime in the future...Hawaii, maybe?!?!? So for now, I will continue to get excited about our Bahama Mama cruise :)

What I am thankful for today...

::Thankful for working half days on Wednesday.
::Thankful my handsome heaven-sent hubby who has a half day today, too.
::Thankful for a MIL who keeps our sweet baby girl on Wednesdays.
::Thankful to be able to spend an afternoon with my husband for a much needed day-date, his suggestion :D
::Thankful for the health of my sweet baby girl-her reflux is almost unnoticeable when she is given her medicine.
::Thankful for E sleeping through the night. Man do I sleep like a baby myself these days.
::Thankful for family night on Wednesdays.
::Thankful for all the MANY MANY blessings that the Lord showers me with daily.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

E in crawl position

Ella Jae got in the crawl position today! She has been scooting since she was weeks old and rolling over contantly, but crawling at 4 1/2 months...oh my! It looks like I am going to have to start baby proofing the house sooner than I thought. My Mama captured the moment with her camera and emailed it to my phone so it is a bit grainy but...priceless!! I cried ofcourse! Hopefully I will be there when she actually has success on all fours!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Slack blogger

Ok, so I feel extremely guilty in many areas of my life right now and blogging is one of those areas. I have been extremely busy with work and I hate to say it but when I get home from picking E up, fixing dinner, cleaning up dinner, getting E fed and down to sleep, I am exhausted and barely have time to catch up on the blogs that I love so much. Sometimes I skip getting on the cp at all at night. It is sad. I even barely have time to take pictures of E much less download them to the cp then onto the blog or to FB. How do working mothers do it? Slowly with time I guess I will find how to manage it all but right now I am finding it quite difficult. The days seem to run together and fly by.

E is growing so fast and doing so many new things that it seems to be a daily thing and I just can't keep up. I am trying my hardest to document it all. She is loving chewing on her teethers and toes right now :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I celebrated my 25th birthday on July 5! This year was extra special because I got to spend my birthday with my precious girl and because my husband gave me a week full of gifts aka "Amberkuh!" It was a wonderful week filled with lots of my favorite things and things that I wanted for so long. Needless to say I have the best husband, EVER! I am truly blessed!! We ended the week with a bang during a Fourth of July bash and birthday celebration all rolled into one. Many many years I have celebrated both on the same which is totally good with me because I get to do many things I love all in one day. I typically celebrate my birthday at the beach but this year was a little different, a good different. We celebrated it by the pool instead at my in-laws. It was a great day!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Our week in pictures

(please excuse picture take with me phone.)

Happy Birthday, Grandama! My family took my Grandma to Beef O'Brady's for her birthday. The service was terrible but the food and company was great!!

Everyone lovin' on Ella Jae

Tiff and made us cousins, love made us sisters.

Me and my little Bake-Bake

We went to eat supper at Mom and Dad's. Nicholas and Megan came. We enjoyed our time. Little E didn't get to enjoy much of the party. She slept 11.5 hrs that night.

E enjoying the car ride to Mem and Poppy's

Wednesday is family night at Mem and Pep's. This family night was special because we celebrated Erica's birthday. Happy Birthday, Ricci!! We love you!

I didn't to work because Ella Jae had a stomach bug. So went to the doc. Poor thing she is going to hate going to the doctor. It is never a pleasant experience when we go. That afternoon, I went to see ECLIPSE with the girls! We had such a fun time! I laugh like crazy with these girls!! They are the best! We went to the movies, Starbucks and then to Krispey Kreme...definitely enjoyed myself a little too much :)

Me and E hangin' out waiting for the doctor.

Keila, Erica and Me waiting in line for popcorn...we started to get a little crazy because the line was so long!

No picture yet. We don't any plans for today. We will probably hang out once we get off work. Order in maybe. We have a super busy weekend so we need to rest up for it. It is my birthday weekend!!! Excited to spend my birthday weekend with my favorite people! Saturday we are going to a cook out at Tiff and Chris'. Sunday we will celecrate the 4th by going to Church, Grandma's for lunch then a birthday/4th cookout at Mom and Dad's!! Monday is happy birthday to me!!