Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Happy Wednesday, y'all! I have MIA due to some cookies on my cp that wouldn't let me log into Blogger, but I am back! Yah! So this is what I am loving this week...

I'm loving the new SCENTPORTABLE at Bath and Body Works! I got the Island Colada! It is smells just like the beach in my car!! Right now they have them 4 for $20 0r 6 for $24!!

I'm loving these little painted piggies! Especially how cute they look in jelly shoes :)

I'm loving that Kim Kardashian just got engaged! I love the Kardashians :) Have y'all seen Khole and Lamar, their new show?

I'm loving that Nautical by Nature is hosting a giveaway! Go check it out!

I'm loving that we had such a fun and busy Monday! It included.....a morning at the park then.....

{lunch with Poppy at Acropolis Pizza}

{Lathan's last Tball game}

{Cousin love}

{Dinner at Wings and Trivia Night}

I'm loving that last night we kept Lathan and Baker for a bit and had a fun time!

I'm loving my little family as always! We have been having so much fun together now that the warmer weather is here! I am looking forward to more family time with my loves!

Hope y'all have a great day!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So I don't forget...

Ella Jae, you are so much fun, my girl.
You're so full of energy and always have an audience.
You are such a lovey dovey. Many times,
you will walk up to me and lay your head on me and pat me.
Melts my heart every. single. time.
You make so many faces,
Squinty face when you're unsure or
don't like something.

You stick your tongue out when
you're concentrating on something.
You sometimes put your hand over your mouth
when you laugh out loud.
You cough on purpose and laugh.
You clap when you've done somthing great.
You are so smart and pick up on everything.

You do the "Ella Jae dance" when you hear
music or when we clap and sing for you.
The "Ella Jae dance" consists of hand flapping,
bouncing and stomping your right foot.
You clap and squeal with excitement
when you draw a crowd.
You enjoy putting a phone to your ear,
and you say "lello!" You also like giving me the phone to talk.

You don't meet a stranger.
Although, you don't like it when folks
look out of the ordinary.
Like when someone is wearing gloves,
a hat; you're almost scared and make your squinty face.
You say "uh-oh" when you drop something.
You actually drop things on purpose and then say "uh-oh!"

You bring me toys and books to play and read with you.
You lay your head on my shoulder
when you're scared/overwhelmed.
You are so active and curious.
You are always on the go and moving,
but you play so well independently.

Just a few things...
So I don't forget!


Happy Wednesday!

I am linking up for another "What I'm Loving Wednesday!"

This week I'm loving...

I'm loving that in less than a month we will be going to the beach for a week!! I am so excited to be spending a full week on vacation!!

I'm loving the silver Jack Rogers that I finally broke down and bought them! Love them!!

I'm loving HAPPY HOUR at Starbucks and Sonic since somehow we now have summer weather all of sudden here in SC! Yah for yummy cold drinks on warm days!!

I'm loving sharing 'Lemonberry' slushes from Sonic with Ella Jae :)

I'm loving this super cute snack cup that my friend Mary Ellen made for Ella Jae!!

I'm loving that Pep came and to visit with us for a week! He left yesterday. We love when visits! He spoils us rotten!

I'm loving my sweet little family as always! They make me so happy, and I am so thankful I get to spend my life with them!!

What are you loving today?

Hope you have a great rest of the week!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Mother's Day Weekend

Friday night was our usual. We worked late and I picked up Little C's while Ad picked up E. I randomly checked Redbox to see if any good movies were playing and 'Little Fockers' was out so I decided to reserve it and it pick it up on my way home, too. E went to sleep early because she only had 1 nap and was super duper tired. Then Ad and I enjoyed the best $6 date night :) Pizza and a movie! Seriously, Little C's was only $5 for a large pizza and $1 for our Redbox movie....pure awesomeness if ya ask me!! Love the inventors of the Redbox! Greatest thing since sliced bread in my opinion!!

Saturday I worked and Ad kept E. He called me at work and said Ella Jae was walking through the house looking for me....she was crying, saying 'mommy' and even peeked up over the side of the bed to look for me ha! So I talked to her on the phone and she was all better :) Love that little snickerdoodle!!

We played outside with her big red ball that she likes to pick up over her head :) The ball is bigger than her ha!

She also spent some time sitting in her pick chair that Mama bought for her. This one stays on the porch and we move it to the ground so she won't fall off the porch with it. The child has more chairs than carter has liver pills!!

Also on Saturday, I went on a girls night to celebrate this beauty's birthday....

We went to Wild Wings to eat dinner, and I was so excited about it because I love me some Wild Wings!! I had been craving the Buffarella Wrap :)

Then we went bowling. I am NO bowler. I pretty much stink. Like for real! I seriously bowled like a 36 or something. Just about all the other girls broke 100 LOL! Told ya I was bad ha! But it was fun!!

We were all super tired by the end of the night because some of us are mommy's and others are nurses. So our bedtimes are pretty early ha!

Then ofcourse we had to make a pitstop at Starbucks! Yummo! Love the lovelies!!

Happy birthday, Jess! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and birthday dinner celebrating your special day! I am so thankful for our friendship! You have the sweetest spirit and kindest heart! Love ya, girl!!

Sunday was Mother's Day! Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! Adam was so sweet to get up with Ella Jae. Then when I got up, my favorites gave me a precious scrapbook of my baby pictures and comparable ones of Ella Jae along with sprinkle of my Mama and Momma mixed in, too! Adam worked really hard to make it and I will always treasure it! Ella Jae got me this watch that I have been wanting! Girlfriend has good taste already!! I loved my special gifts!

Adam also went to the grocery for me to pick up some things I needed to make dessert to take, and he even brought me breakfast from Dunkin Donuts, too :) After church we went to my grandma's for lunch and then to his parents' house to celebrate with Ad's family. We had kabobs!!!

The kabobs are a tradtition that I started by accident. We had them randomly one year and since I have always requested it so now it is a must on Mother's Day!!

I ofcourse had to get a picture of me and my girl!! Love her to pieces even if she will not stay still for longer than 2 seconds and look at the camera ha!

I thought she looked so stinkin' cute in her sailor pantsuit for church! I did change her not long after this picture ha!

I also had to throw this picture in here because you can totally see that her first top tooth came through! Thank goodness! But definitely, the one beside it is now trying to come through. never ends ha! Bless her little heart!

We had a great weekend! It was so nice to celebrate Mother's Day with the women in our life, those who have been like Mother's to me the past 13 years, and my second year as a Mom! Mother's Day has always been a sad day for me until last year. I no longer have to be sad that I don't get to celebrate with my Mom on this day because I get to celebrate BEING a Mommy to Ella Jae. I can't think of a greater reason to celebrate! I know my Mom is smiling down on us and celebrating with us. God knew that I needed Ella Jae as much as she needs me. I thank Him everyday for giving me the most precious gift, and I pray that I never take being a Mommy to Ella Jae for granted. It is such a joy, honor, and priviledge to get to be a Mommy, Ella Jae's Mommy!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New jammies

Oh how I love...

A freshly bathed baby...

In her new jammies...

With her hair getting so long...

Who likes to chew on her hairbows....

Oh how I little one to the moon and back!