Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So I don't forget...

Ella Jae, you are so much fun, my girl.
You're so full of energy and always have an audience.
You are such a lovey dovey. Many times,
you will walk up to me and lay your head on me and pat me.
Melts my heart every. single. time.
You make so many faces,
Squinty face when you're unsure or
don't like something.

You stick your tongue out when
you're concentrating on something.
You sometimes put your hand over your mouth
when you laugh out loud.
You cough on purpose and laugh.
You clap when you've done somthing great.
You are so smart and pick up on everything.

You do the "Ella Jae dance" when you hear
music or when we clap and sing for you.
The "Ella Jae dance" consists of hand flapping,
bouncing and stomping your right foot.
You clap and squeal with excitement
when you draw a crowd.
You enjoy putting a phone to your ear,
and you say "lello!" You also like giving me the phone to talk.

You don't meet a stranger.
Although, you don't like it when folks
look out of the ordinary.
Like when someone is wearing gloves,
a hat; you're almost scared and make your squinty face.
You say "uh-oh" when you drop something.
You actually drop things on purpose and then say "uh-oh!"

You bring me toys and books to play and read with you.
You lay your head on my shoulder
when you're scared/overwhelmed.
You are so active and curious.
You are always on the go and moving,
but you play so well independently.

Just a few things...
So I don't forget!

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