Tuesday, September 28, 2010

6 month pictures

We had E's 6 month pictures taken last month and I think they turned out so good! I am just in love with them. Crissy Callan, who is a good family friend, has taken all of E's pictures and she does such a nice job! Ella Jae loves her and she is so accomodating and sweet! Aren't they just precious? We love love love this pretty princess :)

Double ear infection

Sorry for the lack of posts, our life has been nothing short of eventful lately. E has had a double ear infection since last Monday. We first tried Amoxicillin then some ear drops to help with pain. When that didn't work, we tried Cefdinir which isn't working so we are back to the doctor tomorrow for another antibiotic that will hopefully work this time. Poor little E! She sleeps well at night (only if I get to sleep while holding her upright) and is starting to nap better throughout the day, but she just isn't herself. She doesn't stay content long and pulls at her little ears and makes them red :( She doesn't really cry, just kind of complains. Bless her little heart, she still laughs and smiles and plays! I pray we can find the right medication to heal her little ears quickly.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Little miss Ella Jae has had a 3rd day of happiness while in her carseat! Typically after 2.5 seconds of being in the carseat while in the car she gets angry and screams and cries. I had to plan going any place around her eating schedule almost just so I could give her a bottle in the car so she wouldn't scream and cry. Fortunately, the past few days she has somewhat entertained herself with various toys. I make sure I have a stash in the front seat so if she throws or drops something I can toss her something else to keep her occupied. And then there is always the animal noises that I make that she thinks are pretty funny and keeps her entertained ha! She is truly a joy and I am so thankful for her! So is growing too fast for my liking! She is just getting to be such a big girl with her crawling and most recently, pulling up. She completely pull herself to standing on Tuesday. She has here and there pull herself to her knees in her crib by pulling on the bumper, but she finally did it on Tuesday. She can stand on her own and hold something...too cute!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy September!

Ahhh...it is September! Fall is my favorite time of year! I am always so ready for Fall to get here after we have a summer in South Carolina! I am looking forward to so many things this Fall and many of those things are happening in September. I am looking forward to:
  • My best friend's wedding on September 17.

  • Another wedding on September 18 in Dallas, GA.

  • Going to the Georgia Aquarium.

  • Going to the Aiken's Makin', a local arts and crafts show in my hometown...so fun! Can't wait to take Ella Jae and buy her something super and handmade :)

  • A nice long Labor Day weekend with my beautiful family!

  • Our anniversary cruise to the Bahamas and Co Co Cay with friends!

  • Gamecock Football!!!! (Born and raised a Carolina girl!)

  • Sunday NFL Patriots Football (Married into that one lol)!

  • Ella Jae's 6th month...she growing up and getting so big! She is so smart for her age...can't wait to see what she does next :)

  • Possibly sneaking our my boots and sweaters :) Maybe Mother Nature will be good to us her in SC and give more than just cool mornings and nights.

  • Making my house smell like a big ole fresh bakes apple pie!

Happy September!