Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Double ear infection

Sorry for the lack of posts, our life has been nothing short of eventful lately. E has had a double ear infection since last Monday. We first tried Amoxicillin then some ear drops to help with pain. When that didn't work, we tried Cefdinir which isn't working so we are back to the doctor tomorrow for another antibiotic that will hopefully work this time. Poor little E! She sleeps well at night (only if I get to sleep while holding her upright) and is starting to nap better throughout the day, but she just isn't herself. She doesn't stay content long and pulls at her little ears and makes them red :( She doesn't really cry, just kind of complains. Bless her little heart, she still laughs and smiles and plays! I pray we can find the right medication to heal her little ears quickly.

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