Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lots of catching up...

I have lots of catching up to do and lots of recaps that need to be made on this blog. Weddings, holidays, many firsts for E like fairs and Boo at the Zoo and waving bye-bye. Time just doesn't permit. I feel like I am constantly playing catch up in this season of my life. No fun. I am however enjoying every moment I spend with my growing baby girl and super fantabulous and ever so helpful hubby! I will however miss them both tremendously this weekend as I travel to Nashville, TN for one of my best friend's wedding. It is going to be amazing beautiful, although I am a little disappointed I'm not there tonight to see someone famous. I would so be doing some major country music star stalking outside of the Grand Old Opray! LOL! Who knows maybe I will spot Carrie or Miranda on my way in to the big music city tomorrow! That would totally make my visit complete! I will be back to report pictures and celeb spottings (fingers crossed)!

Had to share...E enjoying her first pizza crust at Mellow Mushroom in Cola :)