Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so thankful on this beautiful Thanksgiving Day!
I am thankful for:
A wonderful giving husband
My sweet baby girl who will be here soon
A loving family
In-laws who love me as their own
Thoughtful friends
My health and a great pregnancy
Our beautiful home
A great job
All of my many many blessings!!!
Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy this day with family and friends and GIVE THANKS!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving week

Happy Thanksgiving week! I am thankful for a 2 1/2 day work week! Whoo hoo! I'm excited! Tomorrow will be my last full day of work this week! I have my half day on Wednesday and plan to go to Mama's after work to help her cook. I plan to get my baking done tomorrow night, too. Have you ever shopped at a Dollar General store? I went in there looking for items to fill our Operation Christmas Child shoebox and found that they had an extremely well eqipped baking isle with great prices! So I will be headed there tomorrow to get all my baking needs and beat the crowds at the grocery store not to much save a little moola, too :) Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, I will watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and make my dressing and sweet potato souffle in between commercials :) Then we will go to my grandma's, Adam's parents, and then my mama's. Fortunately, Adam has the day off so we will be together all day :) Then Friday, all the girls are going shopping on BLACK FRIDAY! I'm excited and cannot wait! We plan to go to the mall, not Walmart or any of the places that you could potentially get harmed haha! I'm not really out for any major deals, just maybe a few things for Ad since he won't be with me and to people can be hilarious! Yah for Thanksgiving week and it, shopping, and MANY MANY blessings :)

Weekend recap

I am loving having a whole weekend again! On Friday, Adam and I went to Zaxby's to eat supper and did a little Christmas shopping. On Saturday, I cleaned the house and Adam washed the cars. He does such a great job on the cars! He could seriously have his on business haha! Then we went to Jeremy's (Adam's cousin)12th birthday party. We had a lot of fun being with the family! Then Adam and I went to supper at Salsa's --my fav--and did more Christmas shopping! We has such a nice time browsing the stores and deciding on what to who and who to get what, even though I made a list :) We got about half of our shopping done! On Sunday, Ad had to open so I went to Church with my Mama and Adrianna! Mama had been telling me that she wanted to come to our Church so we went to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast and then to Church together :) Then we went to Ruby Tuesday for lunch :) We had a fun time! She is my favorite :) Then I went to Adam's mom and dad's and waited for him to get off work because we always watch the Patriot's game at their house on Sunday. Gotta love NFL! While I waited for Adam, I helped mom put up their Christmas village! It was so much fun! We listened to Christmas music and had a fire going, I really got in the Christmas spirit! It was so nice to think about all the traditions and the ones we will start and continue with Ella Jae :) Fortunately, the Patriot's pulled off another win and Adam was a happy camper :) We had a great weekend full of family time and Christmas fun! I will look forward to the weekends ahead in preparation of Christmas!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

24 weeks

Ella Jae is now weighing in 1 1/2 pounds (1.5 to be exact according to my appt last Wed.) and measuring 8 1/2 in from head to rump. Much of the weight is coming from accumulating baby fat, as well as from growing organs, bones, and muscle. Her little sweet face is almost fully formed complete with a set of eyebrows and eyelashes and has a good sprinkling of hair on her head.

I went for what I thought was my final appointment at the high risk doctor last Wednesday. The doc couldn't get a good view of the heart because Ella Jae was in an awkward position. So I have to go back on December 9. While we were there, the technician flipped the 2d sonogram to 3d and we got a really great shot of our sweet babies face! It was quite hilarious because when I saw it I said, "oh my gosh, Adam, she looks just like you!" He laughed and said "it is too early to tell." Then when we got back out to the waiting room, he looked at the sonogram pictures more and got this smirk on his face and I said "Ad, what are smiling at?" He said "I didn't want to say anything because I didn't want to hurt your feelings but she does look just like me. She definitely has my nose! Why can't she look like you?" It was so cute the way he said it! I know she will be perfect and beautiful no matter what! I just cannot wait to see her sweet little face in person and kiss it all over!

I have started to get heartburn :( But it isn't too bad. I have never really ever had heartburn before so I don't really know what to compare it to. It comes along just about after everything I eat and even randomly when I'm not eating. My belly has definitely grown!! While out and about, I know have strangers ask "when is the baby due? you know what you are having?...what are you going to name her?" I think it is sweet!! But what if I weren't pregnant haha!! I did finally invest in maternity jeans and they are skinny jeans :) I got them at Target on sale for $17 so that made me super excited!

I cannot believe that we only have less than 4 more months to go! Time is passing so quickly and I have been really fortunate to have such a great pregnancy! Ella Jae moves around like crazy!! We say that she will be fidgetey (sp?) like her Daddy :) Ahh...what if she is JUST like Adam hahaha??!!!! Just kidding, if she is anything like her Daddy, I will be one happy Momma :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some changes and hopefully more to come

Recently, the credit union I work for merged with another credit union. Which of course meant big changes for the company and a few exciting changes for me! My job title has changed from Marketing/Communications Administrator to Business Development Specialist. My job description has changed a lot, but I think that my new job description will bring new adventures that I will enjoy, although I will miss some of my old duties! Not only has my job title changed, my work schedule has changed, too. I will no longer have to work every other Saturday!!! I will only have to work every 6th Saturday, although I won't get every other Wednesday off but I will still only work 1/2 a day on Wednesday. It is definitely a fair trade for me!! I cannot wait to start enjoying every weekend like I used to! Unfortunately, I won't get to share too many weekends with Adam right now because of retail hours he works. But that will hopefully change in the near future. Adam has been on the job lookout since we found out I was pregnant and hasn't had much luck. He recently applied for a management position at Enterprise and they contacted him immediately! BUT...he didn't receive the call and has been playing phone tag with them ever since. So I am praying really hard that he can get this new job with Enterprise! The job would mean no holidays, no late nights, and only rotating Saturdays til noon. AND...the Enterprise that he would work at is not even a mile from our house! I am thankful for some changes for the better in my job and praying for changes in Adam's job!! Please say a little prayer for Adam to find a job he will enjoy and will be family friendly :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sneak peek of Ella Jae's room

So this is a sneak peek into Ella Jae's room. It is by no means finished. The theme is pink and brown. It has been a lot of fun so far and we have had tons of help. Adam put together Ella Jae's dresser all by himself and surprised me with it all assembled! Adam's grandparents, Mem and Pep Lambert bought the dresser for us! They are so thoughtful and generous! I cannot wait to make more progress in the weeks to come. We mod podged letters with pink and brown scrapbook paper. They are so cute and I love them! But I can't decide if I want to use the letters to put above her bed or vinyl wall art that spells out her name. I am also in the market for curtains. I may go with white sheer curtains, but I found something I like in a mgazine that I hope to duplicate. So stay tuned!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Christmas already, really?

Last Sunday night, I visited my little hubby at Wal-green's and picked up a few things and got excited when I spotted a full row of Christmas merchandise! I was scoping out the food and drink isle when I saw little stars and holly on the ginger ale 2 liter bottles! After I went to Wal-green's, I had to run by Kroger to pick up some cookies for work and I was walked in, I was greeted by the Starbuck's and the HOLIDAY CUPS! I LOVE Christmas and all that comes with it, but was a little blown away that it had already begun only 1 DAY after Halloween!! Then when I went to the mall on Wednesday, the mall was completely "Christmas-ed out!" They even had the North Pole set-up where children take their pictures with Santa! And while driving home from an event for work yesterday, I noticed downtown Augusta had already put up the wreathes on the light posts! After all the sightings, I got wee bit excited and started thinking about the upcoming holidays and all that they bring...a Savior's birthday, gatherings with family and friends, yummy food, shopping, giving thanks, Christmas lights and trees, traditions, love and laughter! It saddens me a little that Thanksgiving gets kind of lost in the mix now-a-days because I LOVE Thanksgiving, but I like the fact that we get to celebrate Christmas a little longer!! I got so excited by all the sightings of Christmas cheer that I bought Ella Jae a Christmas tree for her room with all pink ornaments :)

*COMING SOON...a sneak peek of ELLA JAE's room :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Halloween Party

Each year, Adam and I have a Halloween party for our family and a few friends. We both love fall and halloween and it has been a real fun tradition! We wear costumes and we keep our costume a secret so it is hilarious when everyone starts to arrive! We eat lots of yummy food and play games. This year really tired me out. I needed all of today to recoop haha! And unfortunately, Adam had to close so he wasn't at the party. It wasn't the same without him. I really look forward to the days when there will be no question whether or not he will be able to attend a party or be available on a holiday! My Mama and cousin helped me prepare for the party and that was a great help! I was a pregnant geisha for Halloween :) Adam was the inspiration behind my costume. At night, I wear my hair on top of my head and Adam calls me a "geisha." So I decided I would be that for Halloween :) Even though it was 80 degrees and rained most of the night, we had a fun time!