Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend recap

I am loving having a whole weekend again! On Friday, Adam and I went to Zaxby's to eat supper and did a little Christmas shopping. On Saturday, I cleaned the house and Adam washed the cars. He does such a great job on the cars! He could seriously have his on business haha! Then we went to Jeremy's (Adam's cousin)12th birthday party. We had a lot of fun being with the family! Then Adam and I went to supper at Salsa's --my fav--and did more Christmas shopping! We has such a nice time browsing the stores and deciding on what to who and who to get what, even though I made a list :) We got about half of our shopping done! On Sunday, Ad had to open so I went to Church with my Mama and Adrianna! Mama had been telling me that she wanted to come to our Church so we went to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast and then to Church together :) Then we went to Ruby Tuesday for lunch :) We had a fun time! She is my favorite :) Then I went to Adam's mom and dad's and waited for him to get off work because we always watch the Patriot's game at their house on Sunday. Gotta love NFL! While I waited for Adam, I helped mom put up their Christmas village! It was so much fun! We listened to Christmas music and had a fire going, I really got in the Christmas spirit! It was so nice to think about all the traditions and the ones we will start and continue with Ella Jae :) Fortunately, the Patriot's pulled off another win and Adam was a happy camper :) We had a great weekend full of family time and Christmas fun! I will look forward to the weekends ahead in preparation of Christmas!!

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