Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some changes and hopefully more to come

Recently, the credit union I work for merged with another credit union. Which of course meant big changes for the company and a few exciting changes for me! My job title has changed from Marketing/Communications Administrator to Business Development Specialist. My job description has changed a lot, but I think that my new job description will bring new adventures that I will enjoy, although I will miss some of my old duties! Not only has my job title changed, my work schedule has changed, too. I will no longer have to work every other Saturday!!! I will only have to work every 6th Saturday, although I won't get every other Wednesday off but I will still only work 1/2 a day on Wednesday. It is definitely a fair trade for me!! I cannot wait to start enjoying every weekend like I used to! Unfortunately, I won't get to share too many weekends with Adam right now because of retail hours he works. But that will hopefully change in the near future. Adam has been on the job lookout since we found out I was pregnant and hasn't had much luck. He recently applied for a management position at Enterprise and they contacted him immediately! BUT...he didn't receive the call and has been playing phone tag with them ever since. So I am praying really hard that he can get this new job with Enterprise! The job would mean no holidays, no late nights, and only rotating Saturdays til noon. AND...the Enterprise that he would work at is not even a mile from our house! I am thankful for some changes for the better in my job and praying for changes in Adam's job!! Please say a little prayer for Adam to find a job he will enjoy and will be family friendly :)

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