Friday, November 6, 2009

Christmas already, really?

Last Sunday night, I visited my little hubby at Wal-green's and picked up a few things and got excited when I spotted a full row of Christmas merchandise! I was scoping out the food and drink isle when I saw little stars and holly on the ginger ale 2 liter bottles! After I went to Wal-green's, I had to run by Kroger to pick up some cookies for work and I was walked in, I was greeted by the Starbuck's and the HOLIDAY CUPS! I LOVE Christmas and all that comes with it, but was a little blown away that it had already begun only 1 DAY after Halloween!! Then when I went to the mall on Wednesday, the mall was completely "Christmas-ed out!" They even had the North Pole set-up where children take their pictures with Santa! And while driving home from an event for work yesterday, I noticed downtown Augusta had already put up the wreathes on the light posts! After all the sightings, I got wee bit excited and started thinking about the upcoming holidays and all that they bring...a Savior's birthday, gatherings with family and friends, yummy food, shopping, giving thanks, Christmas lights and trees, traditions, love and laughter! It saddens me a little that Thanksgiving gets kind of lost in the mix now-a-days because I LOVE Thanksgiving, but I like the fact that we get to celebrate Christmas a little longer!! I got so excited by all the sightings of Christmas cheer that I bought Ella Jae a Christmas tree for her room with all pink ornaments :)

*COMING SOON...a sneak peek of ELLA JAE's room :)

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