Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Halloween Party

Each year, Adam and I have a Halloween party for our family and a few friends. We both love fall and halloween and it has been a real fun tradition! We wear costumes and we keep our costume a secret so it is hilarious when everyone starts to arrive! We eat lots of yummy food and play games. This year really tired me out. I needed all of today to recoop haha! And unfortunately, Adam had to close so he wasn't at the party. It wasn't the same without him. I really look forward to the days when there will be no question whether or not he will be able to attend a party or be available on a holiday! My Mama and cousin helped me prepare for the party and that was a great help! I was a pregnant geisha for Halloween :) Adam was the inspiration behind my costume. At night, I wear my hair on top of my head and Adam calls me a "geisha." So I decided I would be that for Halloween :) Even though it was 80 degrees and rained most of the night, we had a fun time!

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