Friday, August 2, 2013

Five on Friday Link Up

Since out of hidding, I thought I'd link up with Darci and her gals for a little fun "5 on Friday!"  I've been wanting to since she started but never found the motivation.  So I'm here now and wanted to share a few things!  So here it goes...

We attended a wedding in Marietta, GA this past weekend and snapped this sweet pic of Mae during the ceremony.  She was amazed by the bag pipes!  She looks so big yet so tiny. The girls were on the very best behavior.  I just knew I was going to be standing outside with one or both of them ha!


Pinterest does it again!  I wanted to try these "smores" while we went camping this summer but got the stuff while I was grocery shopping yesterday and figured it be just as easy at home.  So easy and so yummy!  It's a pack of fudge stripe cookies and jumbo marshmallows.  Pop cookie topped with marshmallow in the oven til a little golden and top with additional cookie and voila!


Our dining room is the only room in our house right now that is somewhat complete.  And I can't stop obsessing over it!  I love it!


Me and the girls had a little GNO this week while Daddy was slaving away at the new house.  He can sometimes work quicker without us so we hit up none other than Chickfila!  It is our go-to spot always!  We had a big time and E made lots of friends, even had a little almost pay for her icecream cone ha!  Oh, that girl!  Always an adventure with those two, I tell ya!


I'm really anxious to get my sewing machine back out and actually have a little craft "space" on our new house!  Before I had to take it down and put it away when I wanted to use it.  I hoping I can whip up a few of these little "bib" tops for my whittle girlies.  Love all things by Lolly Wolly Doodle but x2 for everything isn't in our budget right now so we'll see what I can create :)  Wish me luck!

So that's it for now!  Can't wait to play along next week :)

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Anonymous said...

Loving the dining room! And Love LOVE LOVING those sweet girls. Can't believe how big they are getting!!! So happy to see a post. A little over a month until we see you!!! <3 Tanya aka Tita