Friday, September 28, 2012

friday five


We had a great week and ofcourse it went by way too quickly!

Excited about the weekend because I am doing hair for the wedding party of my great-great-grand little in my sorority!  Then I also have a little anxiety because Adam is taking a motorcycle ride to TN with a group.  Prayers please!

1.  Late afternoons feeding the duckies...I see many of our Fall afternoons spent here.

2.  McDonald's dipped cones!

3.  My littlest little is now 6 mths old and we went for her 6 mth check up yesterday.

4.  Halloween candy and goodies!  Somehow things taste better when they are a festive shape or color!

5.  This quote.

Happy Friday!  Ready to take on this day and gear up for our fun weekend ahead!

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