Tuesday, September 18, 2012

E's very first dance class

Ella Jae on her very first dance class last Monday.  We started the day by going to the dance store to get her all the special things to get her ready for very first day of dance class.  We ofcourse had to have a little photo op before we headed off on to this new little adventure.  When we got there, I saw a few familiar faces which was very fun to me.  Having a few girls that I know bringing their little girls to the same dance class was great because it kept me from losing it and getting all emotional ha!

E ofcourse did fantastic!  She loves to dance around and typically is not afraid in any situation, but I was still a little unsure at how she would do.  Fortunately, she just went right along with her teacher and never looked back.  Several little girls had to be peeled off of their Mommy, but nope, not Ella Jae!  Her teacher first tooke them to see the 'big' girls dance.  I then see all the little girls come trotting back, but not Ella Jae.  And then I hear, "come on, let's go.  Let's go see Mommy."  And I get up to go see and the teacher said she was in the middle of all the big girls dancing and didn't want to leave ha!  What I can say, she is a tiny little dancer at heart!  And I am so glad that I put her in dance rather than gymnastics. 

Then it was time for her little dance class and the teacher again took them back.  We didn't get to see her and for good reason because none of the kiddies would probably pay attention.  But there is an open dance class every 6-8 weeks which is nice and I am definitely looking forward to it!  Her class is only 30 min., and so when it was over she had candy and a big smile on her face.  As we walked out the door, she said "we'll come back.  we'll come back!"  I said 'yea, baby, we'll come back.  every monday, we'll be back' :)  Sweet little thing!!!  I cannot wait to see her thrive and I hope she'll stick with some type of dance through the years or sports or whatever because I believe it helps shape a person in so many different ways.

Here's to many more years of dance and all things pink and frilly :)

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