Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Weekend

Whew...glad the weekend is over!  I have a new appreciation for single moms.  Adam left Saturday morning for his motorcycle trip to TN.  He made it there and back safe and sound!  Praise the Lord!  I love my girls to the moon and back and cherish my time with them but I was worn slap out by the time Ad came home.  I ofcourse had to pack for my little guy because he is world's worst minimal packer and I snuck him in some little snacks :)

Saturday morning after Ad left, I dropped the girls off with his Mom so I could first pick up some caffiene and then go fix some wedding hair!  I had the pleasure of fixing the hair of some of my best friends and sorority sisters :)  

Post fixing hair...

I ran home to get ready for the wedding.  Adrianna came over to keep the girls and spend the night to be my extra set of hands :)  Love her!
The most beautiful bride and her lucky groom :)

I got to sit next to one of my fav sorority sisters!

Yummy wedding food!!

Adrianna went to church with us on Sunday and we went to Salsa's for lunch followed by naps :)

Was happy to spend some quality time with Adrianna but oh so happy to have my hubby home and I appreciate him and his help more than he will ever know!
All in all, a busy but super fun weekend ;)

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