Friday, October 26, 2012

Disney on Ice with E

We took Ella Jae to Disney on Ice last night.  She was so excited about going and told everyone she was going to see "On Ice!"  She is at such a fun age!  She lasted 2 hrs at the show, and then we all started to get a little board on the last skit so we dipped out on Toy Story.  Adam joked that all E needs to sit still is loud music and a big production ha!  She LOVED Mickey and Minnie and kept asking "where they go?" and  "Where Minnie go?"  when they left. 

Waving to Mickey and Minnie :)

Amazed at all the action!

We had to put our wings back on once we saw Tinkerbell with her wings, too :)

And what is any special activity without fun and special goodies? She racked up thanks to Poppy!

We all had an awesome time!  The best ofcourse was watching E's excitement through it all.  She was also very concerned about the frog during the TInkerbell skit and even talked about where the froggie went once we got home ha!  Love that little thing to pieces!  This was the first of many super fun events, I'm sure, and we look forward to them all with our precious girls!

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Disney On Ice said...

Great photos! Glad you had a nice time ! I am planning on taking my daughter to see Disney on ice in December. She will be almost 2 and I think that she will really enjoy it.