Thursday, March 17, 2011

A nice needed night

E and I were playing while we waited on daddy to get home from work, and I got a text from my cousin, Tiff. She wanted to know if we had eaten yet and if we wanted to meet her and her two boys at McDonalds. I told her I just fed E and was hoping Ad would take me for mexican. She said "well, why I don't I just come and get Ella Jae? The boys will love it! And you and Adam can eat together." Totally made my night!! It was totally unplanned, much appreciated, and much enjoyed! And the great thing was the mexican restaurant is right across the street from the McDonalds. It was nice so to just enjoy eachother and talk about our days and future together! Typically meals consist of me feeding E and Adam eating super fast so he can then feed E while I eat ha! When we were done we just drove over there and picked up E. She had fun playing with her cousins, and they take such good care of her! Then after we got home and put E to bed, I ran out to TJ Maxx and Ross :) Sometimes a girl just needs to shop ha! I got a couple cute things and E a super cute outfit with a little skirt. Shopping always makes me happy!! It was a much needed and very nice night! Thanks, Tiff, again for taking Ella Jae to play with the boys! You are the best!

Tiff and Me at Olive Garden for her birthday a few weeks ago :)
Love you, sistacuz!!

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