Monday, March 7, 2011

Our Weekend

Friday night consisted of a scruptious and very healthy Subway dinner at home and we even let E stay up later than normal because we missed her so much! Those are the best nights! Just staying in as a little family, watching tv, and chasing E all around ha!

Saturday we both had to work so Adam's dad kept E for us that morning and when we all got home, we had som lunch and gave E her first Girl Scout cookie :)

Then while E napped we got ready for a dinner date :) Me, Ad, and E went to eat at Salsa's (I could eat mexican everday of my life ha!) and then we went to Target :)

Then we went to Adam's parents house to spend some time with his family from RI before they left go back home. E loves her little car :)

We will miss everyone very much and will look forward to the next time we see them in June! We had such a great fun filled two weeks with everyone! Thank y'all so much for coming to see us and spend E's first birthday with us! We love y'all so much!!

Before we left, E got into her Mem's purse haha! The girls LOVES a purse and anything girly :)

On Sunday we went to church and have lunch. I also was able to get some shopping time in while E napped which was super great and refreshing :) It is so funny how shopping can totally change my mood and I don't even have to really buy anything ha! Then that afternoon we went to the new Dunkin Donuts which was only have a preview "by invitation only"! We are kind of a big deal ha! Adam's brother works for DD so we went to support him plus we all love it AND it was all FREE!!!

Nicholas hard at work ha! Love you, Nicho :) He seriously made me the best double scoop sundae I have ever eaten! So yummy!

Adam totally took advantage of the "FREE" stuff haha! Nicholas really wanted to make a waffle cone ha, so Adam got this gigantic cone and smoothie...silly boy!

E enjoyed some yummy treats, too! Her Daddy shared with her :) She also got her own little munchin donut :) She is such a big now! It is like she turned one and turned into a little independent toddler :( Love her to pieces!!

Later that night we enjoyed playing this new game called "Shakin Sorry!" It is the same concept as the normal "Sorry!" but doesn't take as long to play. We all got a little silly and had so much fun!! Looking forward to a week with my family and getting my house in order because boy does it need it!
Happy Monday!

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