Thursday, March 31, 2011

So I don't forget...

Ella Jae is full of personality these days! She is becoming quite the imitator. She tries to imitate everything we say and do now, like tonight I was cooking and I gave her some cooking utensils to play with, and I took the spatula and patted my jacket with it and she did the exact same thing!! She makes us laugh so hard at all the little things she does. She is just so big yet so little. Some new things she's doing so I don't forget..............

  • E's new words: aah-uh-oooooooo (translation:uh-oh). And she says the "O" perfectly and her mouth even makes a perfect "O"; "Mimi" for "Mena" our dog and "Brea" for "Brady" our other dog; she said "hello" today; I said "ow" when she stepped on my toe and now she says it everytime I say it; says "ew" and she makes a squinty face when she is unsure or doesn't like something.

  • She shakes her head "no" when she doesn't want something like food, a kiss, someone to hold her....she is a STINKER, big time!

  • Walking around with a bag or purse is new :) Girlie girl!

  • Takes her bows out then looks at me with a smile like "look what I did Momma!" haha! Then she tries to put the bow back in.

  • She thinks the word "no" is funny (Lord, help me!) and smiles when I say it and does whatever I tell her not to do. This could be a future problem, but for now we just try to change her idea but yea, that never works.

  • She will lay her head on us for no reason at all which totally and completely melts our heart! And she will pat us, too. So sweet!

  • She has started really drinking a lot from her sippy cup. I was worried at first because she wasn't really drinking all that much, but now she will gulp down a whole cup of milk before she even starts to eat and I have to refill it ha!

  • Claps everytime she hears "yah" or "pattycake", when she thinks she's done something great, or hears music.

  • I do "this little piggy" on her toes the other night and she grabbing her toes like she was trying to do it, too, and kept saying "weeeeeee" lol!

  • We ask her where her nose or our nose is and she will point at it.

  • I will do motions for "I love you" pointing to my eyes then pointing outward to "you" and she totally point to her eyes and outward along with me! Love it!

I know, I know...probably every kid does these same things at this same age of 13 mo, but it is kind of a big deal for us! We think she is super smart, ofcourse! But no, she really is!!

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