Friday, April 1, 2011

Finally Friday!

It's finally Friday!! I have been looking forward to this day since December! We are going to Atlanta for the Celtics VS Hawks game!! I am so excited because we are having a day date together! Adam loves ALL New England sports so when they play close we try to go as much as possible. Basketball is my favorite sport to watch in person, so it is a plus for me, too :) I love all the people and the fast pace and the cheering crowd! Plus the food! I am such a sucker for arena type munchie food! I will be sporting my super cute vintage Celtics shirt! Not excited about the ATL traffic, but it will be worth it to spend a great day with my hubby and see him super excited! Ella Jae will be spending the day with these lovlies! They are so excited to spend time with her and she is equally excited! She loves her cousins so much! Tiff and Chris are so sweet to keep E for us so we can enjoy a day to ourselves. I know she will be in good hands! Thanks sooooo much y'all! Y'all are the best!!
(I know, I know...E could totally pass as one of their kids lol!!)

And I also wanted to give a *shout out* to my cousin, Adrianna, who is trying out for JV cheerleading today! She is in the 8th grade and moving up to HS next year. She spent the night with us last night so I could help with her dance and cheers. I fixed her and hair and took her for breakfast this morning. I love our time together! Good luck today, Adrianna! I know you will do AWESOME!!!

In addition to today, we have a super fun weekend planned! Yah for weekends!

Happy Friday, y'all!!

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