Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Weekend

We had a wonderful Spring weekend! Friday, was our long day at work and Mama kept E, so we met at her house after work. We were going to go to a cookout at my cousin's house at the lake but we were expecting bad weather so we decided to not risk it with E. Ad picked us up salads from Zaxby's instead. We ate at Mama's together and enjoyed time with her and then headed home. Saturday, I worked and Ad kept E. It is their daddy-daughter time :) Ella Jae had the best day she's had in a few weeks because she has been cutting the top teeth. They aren't through yet but they're very swollen. But she was very happy and didn't whine as much so it was great for us :) After she woke up from her second nap, we decided to eat dinner at Chili's, and because it is Mama's favorite restaurant we invited her to dinner. Chili's was packed because it was prom night (I secretly wished I was going ha! Loved prom!!), so we hit up Salsa's next door!! Which was totally fine with me because I love me some mexican!! Then we went to Target and browsed and picked up babyfood. E is no longer content sitting in the buggie or in a seat. She wants to be walking and exploring and that is rather difficult sometimes. So our adventure didn't last too long. But we had a great time together and really enjoyed the nice Spring night! Sunday, I ventured out to New Moon for breakfast ofcourse! But for some reason, I haven't really been in the mood to drink a whole iced coffee! Gasp, I know right! I don't know what's wrong with me. Taste bud changes, I guess. Then we got ready for church and headed there. Didn't E look cute this morning in her bunny top and ruffle pants?!

Those were the best pictures I could do this morning. The girl is non-stop! She has nicknames like "destructo-baby" and "determi-baby" because she is into everything and is always on the go! The pictures tell it all! Oh, get was E's first time in the church nursery!!! And I didn't even know she was in there!! We usually stay in the back until the music is over and then we walk to our seat. Well this morning, Adam stayed in the back with her and Adam's brother. And when church was over, I went back there and I saw Adam and no baby. Which isn't unusual because she gets passed around ha! So when I said who has E, he said "I have to go get her, I put her in the nursery!" OMG! Haha! I have nothing against the nursury, I just felt guilty leaving her, and his parents are so sweet to walk her around if she gets disruptive during the service. So as of today she is a nursery baby! The girls said she was really good and they loved holding her and playing with her :) After church we went to eat at Beef O'Brady's with Adam's family.

{Erica, E, and me}

(E fell at lunch and got her first bump on her noggin :( }

Adam went for a ride with his brother on their motorcycles once we got and me and E took a nap :) It was a great day for it. Then we went to the baptism at church tonight, and it was so wonderful! 50 people got baptised tonight!! It was a great feeling being in the sanctuary. I cried just about the whole service ha! It was really that touching! I think the older I get, the more I realize the sacrifices that Jesus Christ made so we can be freed from sin. What a beautiful gift we've been given! After the baptism, we went to Bruster's for icecream :) My fav! Ella Jae enjoyed her own little kids cone :) She took the biggest bite! She seriously bite the whole top of the cone off!! I know she had to of had brain freeze ha! She gets that from her Daddy and her Pep lol!

{E sharing her cookie with her Mem!}

We had such a wonderful weekend with our families! I couldn't feel more blessed than I do at this exact second! Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of family!

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