Sunday, December 21, 2008

This past weekend was quite eventful! On Saturday, Adam and I went to mom's office party. Each year mom treats her and her employees to a nice dinner and afterwards, we go back to their house for fun and games! This year, it was at Woodside Country Club. It was really nice. It was decorated beautifully and the food was great! Nicholas and Phillip plated the piano for us, which was a treat. They are so talented! All the "kids" sat at a table together, and we had the best time! I ofcourse had to take pictures! Thanks, Mom, for a wonderful night! We really enjoyed it!

On Sunday, I gave Adam a birthday party. It was kind of a surprise. It was a GI JOE theme...hee hee! I baked him his favorite cake, red velvet. His family came and we had a fun time! His birthday isn't until tomorrow, but he has to work...bummer! But we celebrated enough for today and tomorrow!

Happy Birthday, Ad! I love you!

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