Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We are having a baby!

What an exciting past month this has been! I learned I was pregnant on June 25. I woke up that morning from a dream that I was pregnant. I took a pregnancy test and saw one line and what appeared to be a faint positive sign. I stood there in disbelief while Adam was still sleeping, and I called me cousin to see if this could really be happening. She said that she was sure because there are rarely false positives but I needed to get the digital test. I the woke Adam up. Holding the test I said, Ad, I think I'm pregnant. I showed him the test and we laughed and smiled uncontrollably. I told him I wasn't for certain but I would let him know once I took the digital tests. On my way to work, I picked up the digital tests. I stood in the bathroom stall at work, took the test, and waited for 3 minutes, 3 minutes that seemed like forever....And then...clear as said...PREGNANT. I was in shock! I called Adam and told him I was going to my doctor's office to have a blood and urine test because I had to know for 2 positive pregnancy tests weren't enough! And the tests at the doctor's office were all POSITIVE! I called Adam again, and told him the good news! He was so excited and wanted me to come home from work! What a blessing? That night we told our family and friends. Then we anxiously awaited our first doctor visit on July 13. At our first visit they did a sonogram, and we got to see our sweet precious baby who was .66 cm long. We also got to hear the heartbeat which was 113 bpm. Adam held my hand tightly throughout the whole sonogram, and when we heard the heartbeat, we just stared at eachother and couldn't believe our ears! The doctor visit made everything seem so real. Before the visit, I kept thinking is the really real? I don't feel different, I don't look different, but sure enough, I'm pregnant! I am currently 8 weeks pregnant, and the baby is due March 5 , 2010. What a sweet miracle from above? We feel so blessed that God chose us to be the parents of the precious baby growing in my belly! We are so excited about the journey we are beginning!

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Anonymous said...

yayyyyyyyyyyyy. we're still super excited for the both of you~! please keep us posted.

<3 tommy & tanya