Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Happy Wednesday!

I am so excited to be linking up for

"What I'm Loving Wednesday!"

This week...........

I'm loving side braids! I have been sporting them a lot lately. It is super easy and great for summer!

I'm loving the peanut butter Twix! This is so yummy and I have had way to many in the past week ha! But seriously, doesn't peanut butter make everything taste better?!!
I'm loving that Sunday is Father's Day and I get to celebrate what a sweet and awesome Daddy my husband is!

I'm loving the summer in Carolina! To me, there is nothing greater than summer nights in the south! Love 'em!

I'm loving the new cowboy boots Adam bought me for my birthday! I ofcourse don't get to wear them until my birthday in a few weeks, but it will be just in time for the Keith Urban concert :)

I'm loving Pinterest! It is just the greatest thing since sliced bread! I can catalog everything I love and don't have to keep making a gazillion favorites on my cp and trying to figure out where in the listing it is to be able to get back to it. HEAVEN! Check out what I'm pinning!

I'm loving that my little boo boo is becoming such a little lady! I just can't believe how fast she is growing and it is like has transformed since our week at the beach! She is my little pal!

I'm loving my little family as always! They are the cheese to my macaroni and the ketchup to my french fries! Love them oh so much!!

Thanks for stopping by to see what I'm loving!

Hope y'all have a great week!!


Kristen said...

I love side braids too but am so bad at doing them! haha

Happy Wednesday! :)

Greer's Gossip said...

Love the side braids and those cowboy boots!!!

Brittany said...

I love side braids but I just can't seem to get them down!