Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Date Night and Weekend

Adam and I enjoyed a date night on Saturday night, and it could very well be our last date night for a while.  Matante Paulie and Uncle Mac were sweet enough to volunteer to keep E for us while we enjoyed dinner at Coach T's Diner, a little shopping at Hobby Lobby, and magazine reading and coffees at Books-a-Million. 

I splurged on a slaw dog and sweet potato waffle fries with cinnamon honey butter.  Those things will make you want to slap yo Momma!  They are so darn good and I am craving them as I type!

A date night would not be complete without a visit to Books-A-Million!  Adam and I have done this since we started dating, and I love it!  I pick up all the gossip/decorating mags, and he will pick up all the car/motorcycle/sports mags, we find a comfy seat, and cop-a-squat for atleast an hour.

Sunday, we accomplished A LOT!  Which is such a sigh or relief.  We enjoyed lunch at Cracker Barrel :)  Miss Ella Jae loves to make friends and has to stop every waiter/waitress and family passing by to have a little chat ha!  She also loves the little game with the pegs and really enjoys sitting like a big girl in the boosters they have.  She says " baby sit side you," and we have to buckle her baby right beside her :)  Sweet girl!  I could just eat her up!

Adam spent a lot of time on cleaning all the cars and putting the infant carseats in.  He also cleaned out the garage.  I stopped by Home Depot to pick out some pretty flowers for Spring to go on our porch since I knew I probably wouldn't get around to it once Maeline arrives.  I love pretty flowers on my porch during Spring/Summer.  Color adds so much to a home.  I picked out these pretty Petunias and a few other things.  My Mama came by to help me plant them in some planters.  She loves flowers and can do wonders, I just hope I can keep them alive ha!

We rounded out the weekend at Pizza Joint with Mama and my cousins.  They are such a big help with E and love her to pieces and vice versa!  Yah happy date nights and productive weekends!

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