Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just thinking...

As I was driving home today (a 45 minute drive might I add), I was thinking about all the uncertainty in the world right now. It's kind of depressing. It seems that everytime you turn on the t.v. or pick up a newspaper another corporation in cutting jobs, the stock market has gone down once again or some big shot of a company has taken money from its investors. I feel so sad for those people and their famililies. Its times like now that help you to look at the big picture and realize what's really important. Sometimes, I feel like I am going to lose it in the car riding to work through all the construction along the interstate, and sometimes I even think "ahh, if only I worked closer I could sleep in a little longer," but I feel so fortunate to have a job in the state our economy is in and to have one I like is icing on the cake! When I was younger, I never thought of the possibility of not having a job or being able to find a job. I just assumed that I would get one, but now I realize jobs aren't so easy to come by these days. Sometimes, it takes different situations in life (ones that may even seem like the pits) to realize ALL of life's little blessings in disguise, jobs included!

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