Saturday, February 28, 2009

American Idol

So from the very beginnging, American Idol has been my favorite! I get so excited when it premieres, I even write it in my planner so I don't forget (right along with the Bachelor)! Our whole family watches it and gets really pumped. We'll call one another when we like or dislike a song or when one of our favorites gets sent home. You'd think that as much as I enjoy the show and singing that I would actually be able to sing well, but unfortunately, that's not the case!! I like to pretend though, so I just sing right along, out of tune and all!! Dad and I have this thing now where we say that I ruined my vocal cords and that I could sing well if it wasn't for that...haha!! Anyways, so I have a couple favorites this season! I really like Danny and Kris and Allison! And I LOVED Megan, but she got sent home :( But I am hoping she comes back with a wild card! I really think she would have gotten through had they not created this weird group system where only 3 people get in from each group. The group this past week was really really good!

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