Friday, October 8, 2010

Having a day...

I am having one of those days. One those days where I want to be at home with Boo restling with her to get her to eat with her head up, chasing her around while she crawls, pulls up to stand and climbs on anything and everything that is high (including me), making her laugh at all my silly faces and animal noises, holding her while I give her a bottle and as she is falling asleep she is pulling tightly on my hair, giving eachother kisses all day long (her wet kisses/licks are the best! ha!). I want to be at home on this beautiful day taking her for a walk (not in her stoller, of course-that is out of the question these days) with her pulling leaves off all the trees. Life just isn't fair. I know it could be worse, really worse. I am truly thankful for all our blessings, really! We are super blessed and I am grateful, but I want more time with her. Quality time. Not just the 2.5 hrs I spend with her everyday just feeding, bathing and driving her. I am forever trying to come up with things to sell on Etsy so I can have that time. Any suggestions? Ha! Maybe one day I will come up with something. Until then I will just be thankful that we have our health and love (lots of it)!

Honestly, though, how do people do it? And stay sane? The getting ready (all of us), commuting, working a LONG day, cooking dinner, cleaning up dinner, baths, bedtime...and then the other daily things that require tuckers me out!! No wonder my bedtime is 9 pm, sometimes earlier! If anyone has a magic solution to being a working mother, PLEASE let me know! I need all the help I can get!

Now I will continue to mope around until I am reuntied with my Boo at 7 pm tonight just as she is getting ready for sleep. Most people love Fridays, but Fridays are my long days. At work til 6:15 then a 40 min drive home :( But I do love weekends and I am looking forward to mine so much. Ad is going on a camping trip for his brother's bachelor weekend. We have family coming in today for Megan and Nicholas' wedding next weekend. So me and my Boo Boo will be real busy and making up for the time we lose during the week!!

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Anonymous said...

I often remember sitting in the driveway after dropping off my little girl at the babysitter's, crying my eyes out because I felt guilty leaving my baby, but having to work.
Twenty-two years later, the guilty feeling comes back with the memories. You asked for advice, stay home and watch your baby grow up. Make those memories good memories and no regrets.
-a friend who remembers