Monday, October 4, 2010

Our weekend

Friday, I went for a much needed GNO! I got to spend some quality time with my sistacuz, Tiff! Don't know what I would do without that girl!

Saturday, Addie had to work so E and I were on our own for a while. She and I went to the Chocolate Festival (by ourselves). It was somewhat of a task because she didn't want to be in her stroller. So I held her, pushed the stroller and tried to look around, only buying a caramel apple for Ad. Needless to say, we were only there about 20min but it was fun while it lasted ha! Then she and I went to 'What's Cookin'' to grab some lunch (my fav) then took some lunch to a friend of mine who recently had a little baby. Then we went back home for a nap. After Addie got home and we rested up, we all went to Megan and Nicholas' couple's shower. It was a lot of fun and they fed us yummy BBQ! Not to mention, the party was at a beautiful home that was to die for! I kept saying that I was born to live that kind of lifestyle ha! Maybe one day lol! It was perfect weather, too. We sat outside all afternoon by a jacuzzi that overflowed into a pool and a lit fire! It really felt like fall :) Loved it!

Sunday, I went to Church solo because E was sleeping and Adam hadn't showered yet so he stayed behind with her. When I got home mama and papa had stopped by for a quick visit which was nice :) Then we went to pick up some Wifesaver then went to mom and dad's. Us girls (minus a sleeping E) went to TJ Maxx! I am such a Maxxonista :) We all got some cute little things for fall :) Then the whole fam went to Rick's Produce ( a cute little place that has seasonal flowers and veggies). They have pumpkins and mums each fall :) I always dreamed of taking my baby there and this year that dream came true!! It was so fun taking E and she was just in awe of all the orange! Then we went to Marble Slab to have icecream for supper! Even though E didn't have icecream, I think it will be fun to once in a while let her have icecream for supper. Come on, you have to live a little!!

Happy Fall, Y'all!

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