Friday, July 15, 2011

Night time routine

One of the things I am going to miss most when E is bigger is her bedtime routine! Sometimes she still lets me bounce her and pat her like this but only when she is really tired...after we took her off the bottle at 1 yr., this is how we got her to sleep/drowsy...

Now she rarely holds still long enough for me to put her on my lap so other nights after bathtime, I hold her, bounce and pat her, all while singing "Jesus Loves Me" to her. She lays her head on my shoulder, snuggles with her baby and blankie, and pats me, too. Melts me heart. I hold her until she gets heavy but not fully asleep and I put her down.

We also read before bedtime, usually in the living room or sometimes in her bedroom. She goes to the same books. She grabs the book "Moo, Baa, La La La!" and says "Moo?" I love it! She turns the page usually before I am even finished reading but I have the book memorized so I finish the words on the page anyways.

Ella Jae's 'go to' book is "I Love You Through and Through." On any given day, we could read this book 10x (in a row). She likes for me to read it over and over and over. I don't mind because that is exactly how I love her, "through and through, yesterday, today and tomorrow, too" and I want her to always know that!

Most nights she doesn't go to sleep immediately. She will talk and play with her baby. Very rarely does she cry unless she is just out of her gourd. She will even say "nigh nigh" in the sweetest voice when she sees me grab her blankie and walk towards her to take her to her room. I cherish each time I put her bed. I pray for her while I hold her, and I hope she knows just how much I love her with each pat on her little fannie. I love that I can see her sweet and lovely personality with each little pat she gives me, too!

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