Thursday, December 22, 2011

{Wedding Day}

We started Erica's special day by me picking her up and meeting the rest of the girls at Starbucks!  Then we headed to the salon to get our hair done.  We had a great time helping one another with hair and make up!  Erica was so calm, I just couldn't believe it! 

After the salon, we headed to the Church to get dressed and take pictures.  First us girls got dressed and then we helped Erica get ready!  She looked like a princess although bless her heart, when we put her into her dress just got really dizzy when we zipped her up so we all fanned her, brought her water, and she even cautiously stuck her head out the window to get fresh air, fortunately, we kept our eyes peeled for the groom!

The ceremony was so beautiful!  The altar couldn't have been more perfect.  It was such a fun and relaxed ceremony!  We even danced down the aisle during the procession :)

 Ella Jae was the sweetest flower girl I've ever seen!  She walked down the aisle holding my hand.  She did so great!  She acutally stopped when we got to rows with people but only for a second and then I handed her off to Daddy, Memmy, and Poppy where they bribed her with lots of candy canes :)

The reception was so much fun!  We had a blast!  I danced and danced and finally when I sat down, I couldn't get up ha!  I guess that is what cuttin' a rug will do to ya when you are 26 weeks preggo ha!

The flowers, the cake, the decor, and ofcourse the bride and groom were so beautiful!  I couldn't have imagined Erica's special day being any more perfect!!

So happy and blessed Ella Jae and I got to be a part of your special day, Erica!  Thank you for choosing us!  We wish you and Josh a lifetime of happiness!  Love you, Mr. & Mrs. Neal!

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