Thursday, January 19, 2012


Adam loves Seinfeld!  Unless I have a show I want to watch at night, he watches Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens, or Seinfeld.  When I found out Jerry Seinfeld was coming to Augusta, I knew I had to get him tickets.  I got them as his Christmas gift and I was so excited about it because he is so hard to buy for and never asks for anything, so I knew he would be thrilled.  I got the tickets and a few weeks before Christmas he said, "do you know Jerry Seinfeld is coming to Augusta?"  And I said "yea, I think I heard that..."  Well.........he then proceeded to tell me that his friend Graydon wanted to go as well and what did I think about getting tickets I had to tell him that I got the tickets and it was his Christmas gift.  I was kinda sad but then when I saw the look on his face, it made it worth it :)  We still ended up going with Rebecca and Graydon, but just not sitting together.  We met at Zaxby's before dinner and headed to the arena to see Jerry!

 {Rebecca and me}

 {Graydon and Rebecca}

{Adam and me} 

{Ad and me in our seats before the show began}


We had such an awesome time and ofcourse Jerry did not disappoint!  He even came out after his finished up and answered all kinds of questions from the audience.  He is such a cool guy!  We laughed so hard, and I ofcourse laughed at the things no one else laughed typical!  So happy Adam enjoyed his Christmas gift!  Hopefully I can keep the tradition going and get him a super fun gift like a stand up/concert/game ticket each year :)  We'll see!!

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