Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wendy's and the Park

Our Monday got exciting when Poppy called and invited us on a lunch date to Wendy's!  Ella Jae and I love little outings that aren't planned. It puts such a pep in our step especially when a little one is still not feeling 100%!

 {E sitting on Poppy with her Frosty mustache saying "cheeeeze"}

Then we came home for naptime and then headed to the new Library Park right near our house afterwards.  I got so excited when I saw the city was re-vamping the Library Park and couldn't wait to take E!  I used to go there when I was little and they hadn't updated it since until recently.  I had taken E there a few times but it was more for big kids.  The new park is so much fun and so much more little kid friendly!  There weren't any swings but hopefully they are coming soon.  Ella Jae had so much fun and made some new friends!  I have actually planned her 2nd Birthday Party there next month and I got some great ideas from visiting yesterday.

We had a very happy marvelous Monday!  Hope y'all did, too :)

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