Saturday, January 16, 2010

Busy day ahead

We have a day filled with parties today! And I'm not talking about one or two...we are talking...FOUR! I am going to my cousin's, Jen, baby shower then we are going to sweet Davis' 1st birthday party then to celebrate Nicholas' birthday with our whole family at mom and dad's house then we will make our way to my cousin's, Adrianna, 13th birthday bash! It should be a fun filled day but I am sure I am going to be so pooped by the end of the night! I am excited to see all the people I love most in one day...what could be better? I am off to do some last minute shopping while Adam goes to pick up his motorcycle. Side note: I got Adam speakers for his bike for Christmas so he could listen to the radio or his ipod while he rides and a family friend hooked it all up and attached it for him. He is so excited and has been so anxious to get his "toy" back :) Hope everyone has a great weekend! And pray I don't have cankles at the end of the day haha!

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