Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Babymoon and 35 weeks

This past weekend I finally got what I has been dreamin' of...a visit to Hilton Head! Adam and I went to Hilton Head Island this past weekend for our "babymoon," our last hoo-ra before baby. We had a really good time. We did all the things we love to do when we go! We went to "Gruby's," a New York style restuarant for breakfast and to "Guiseppi's" for lunch (our favorite). We went to the movies, shopped, went to the beach, and did more shopping and eating! We also made a few visits to Barnes and Noble! It may sound lame, but we have a little routine when we go and we love it! The weather on Saturday was a little chilly and the sun didn't come out at all, but we made the best of it. Sunday was much better but we left about 2 pm to head home and didn't get to enjoy the sun as much as we would've liked. I cannot wait to take Ella Jae to HHI over the summer! She will be a beach baby for sure!
At 35 weeks this week, Ella Jae is measuring 18 in long and weighs approx 5.25 lbs, the weight of a honeydew. Her kidneys are fully developed and her liver can produce some waste. Most of her basic development is now complete and she will spend the rest of the time putting weight (hopefully not too much more for Mommy's sake)! Even though she may not be able to turn cartwheels any longer because of her size, she sure is moving a lot still. Sometimes while I am at my desk, I just have to stop and watch her little movements and I can't help but laugh! She moves a lot especially when I eat or after I am finished.
This week, I am 35 weeks and it feels like 42.5 weeks! My belly feels like it could split wide open any moment. I cannot eat very much in one sitting. I feel up after like 2 bites and then I am hungry an hour later. I feel so much pressure in "that" area, almost like she is going to fall out ha! I haven't been sleeping all that well and wake up tired. My hips and feet hurt. Geez...I sound like I am whining!! I have been really fortunate to have such a pleasant pregnancy...until now...and it really isn't unpleasant, I an just a little uncomfortable! I still need to finish her nursery and pack my bag for the hospital. Ya know, I have had so much trouble finding pajamas that button down in the front. And I didn't really want to pay a fortune for them at the maternity store. So I will just probably go with a nursing tank and bottoms. I am excited to pack that bag, though!! Maybe I can work on that this weekend! I need to just be on a mission to get all the things I need and pack it! Some of the essentials:

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