Friday, January 15, 2010

Blogging break and 33 weeks

I took a little accidental blogging break. To be honest, I've just been a little lazy when it comes to bloggin lately. It is typically late when I check the blog (and facebook) and don't really have the energy to post :( But I promise to do better!

I am 33 weeks preggo! Only 6/7 more weeks to go! I cannot believe it! My pregnancy has flown by and I have been so blessed with such a great pregnancy! There have a been a few bumps in the road but none like I hear some people speak of. I have felt pretty good the entire pregnancy with no real complications and sweet Ella Jae is perfect from what the doctors can see. Although, I am starting to not sleep well at night due to frequent bathroom trips and each time I turn over something feels like it is coming detached in my belly, but no fear there. Dr. Serrano said it was just ligaments...whew...thank goodness! Ella Jae is also starting to press on my lungs it seems, too, making it difficult to catch my breath at times. She has camped out on the right side of my belly. I have carried her low my entire pregnancy but not because she is getting quite lengthy she is making her way to the top of my belly and rib area. When I am sitting especially I can feel a little body part pressing on my ribs and I have to put my hand there and move it anyway...but she is stubborn like her Momma and Daddy (bless her heart) and she moves it right back! Haha!

This week, Ella Jae weighs a little over 4 lbs and has passed the 17 in mark. She is losing the wrinkled, alien looking skin and her skeleton is hardening (why her little movements are getting more intense haha). She will gain about 1/2 lb every week. She is in the process of receiving antibodies. She is already in the head down position...good girl!

I go back on Feb. 5 (3 weeks instead of 2 bc my doc will be away) and will have an ultrasound to check her position and weight. I am secrely hoping she will tell me that I could have her any day at that point :) I am just so anxious to meet the little lady that has been inside of my for 9 months! Oh what a joyful day that will be!

Oh, oh, oh! We had our maternity pictures made! You can view them here! was so much fun and I think they are so cute! Let me know what you think! I will upload them as soon as I receive the disk!

Now off to celebrate Nicholas' birthday at Olive Garden..yum yum!

Happy Birthday, My Brother!

We love you!

(Nicholas-aka Waldo and Me-aka pregnant geisha dressed for Halloween) haha

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Andrew said...

nice camera, I have a t1i myself and could not be any more happy. D-SLR's take such great pics.