Friday, March 26, 2010

Playing catch up

Blogging has kind of taken the back seat the last few bad! Things have been a little hectic trying to set a routine and get used to being a mommy and a family. I have been busy taking care of Miss Ella Jae, and trying to nap and clean when I can! E is quite demanding and takes up most of my time, that little sweet thing! She very much likes being held and really enjoys movement, so not only do I hold her the majority of the time I also have to be moving when I am holding her haha! She is a pretty good sleeper but is starter to nap less and stay awake more. She is quite the little piggy. She really likes to eat. She loves to be sang to. She likes her diaper to be changed. She will just lay there and look around. She really likes to lay on her tummy. We don't let her sleep throughout the night on her tummy but I let her play and nap on her tummy. These past few weeks Ella Jae has had many first experiences! She went to Target, Church, Walmart, Zaxby's, the mall, family night at Mem Claire's on Wednesdays and Grandma's for Sunday dinner, went to downtown 3 times to enjoy the beautiful weather, she went on her first walk with her Mem around the neighborhood, she has been on several errand runs with me and Mama, had newborn pictures taken, she has met many family members and she has seemed to enjoy it all! She will meet her "yankee" great-grandparents this weekend! Mem and Pep Lambert are coming in tonight and we cannot wait to see them! I talked to Pep earlier and he has a little basket of gifts for her...come on....tell me she isn't spoiled already haha! Looking forward to a fun weekend!! TGIF!

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So happy to see an update. Ella Jae has sure been busy :O), but of course she's like her Momma, always running around :O). We can't wait 'til June when we can see you all and meet Miss Ella Jae. She's so precious!