Monday, August 9, 2010

Our Weekend

Our weekend hasn't really been beginning until Saturday because I don't usually get home until around 7pm on Fridays :( Adam has been picking up supper for us, usually Subway. We eat, feed E, put her to sleep then try to watch a movie together, but usually I don't make the movie ha! This friday was no different. Saturday, Addie worked. E and I hung out at the house until Daddy got home. I cleaned. Adam watched E while I rested some. Then we got ready for a HOT date. But didn't go as planned. Adam's parent were going to keep E while we went out but Dad has been struggling with kidney stones. Not fun! And bless his heart, Mom had to take him to the ER on Saturday night. But we had a nice family dinner at the BBQ Barn instead of going on our HOT date :) It was such a nice dinner, E cooperated and the food was yummy! We've decided that buffets are the way to go. There is no wait time to be seated or a wait to get your food. You are in and out in a hurry so there is minimal time for E to have a meltdown ha!
She crawled off her play-mat to get to my shoes...what can I say? She loves shoes like her Momma :)

Sunday was Mom's birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom!! I am super blessed with a wonderful MIL who is a great friend, shopping partner, advice giver, shoulder to cry, babysitter and my partner in 'dumb and dumber plumbing' (inside joke)! I went to Church early for the Baby Dedication meeting. We didn't make it back to Church because E was sleeping and she hasn't been sleeping well :( So we let her sleep then we went to Grandma's for lunch which was super great because Tiff, Chris and the boys came :) Then we went to Mom and Dad's for her bday party. We had pizza and icecream cake. It was a great day! Everyone kind of snuck out early so it was a nice restful day!!

Cousins-Lathan and Ella Jae (poor Lathan and his shiner from a pool ball)

Our little sleepy-head!

Looking forward to another week to quickly pass us by so our little family can have our weekend back to ourselves :)

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