Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Weekend

It seems that we have had something planned every weekend for months and the plans just keep coming ha! We have something to every weekend until the end of October! I like plans and we have fun plans made, but it makes the weekend go by much faster and I am just not a fan of the weekend ending so quickly! But this weekend, Adam's grandparents we still in town from Ella Jae's Baby Dedication so we spent time with them Friday night.

Then Saturday, I went for my best friends bachelorette day in Columbia. We had so much fun! We started the day off with a lingerie shower and brunch then headed to Cola to paint pottery, go to dinner at Za's pizza then ended the night with Eat, Pray, Love. It was such a nice day to be with the girls and just have good ole quality "girl-time!" I did miss my boo-boo, but mommy-me-time is needed every once in a while!! I have the best friends a girl could ask for! All of us are finally at a point where we are getting married and having babies so it is funny to see how our conversations and "girl talk" has evolved over the past few years from dating and break ups and sorority chats to marriage, babies, house decor...haha! I love it!

Sunday, we didn't go to Church because Ella Jae took a 2.5 hr nap and I hated to wake her because she has been recovering from a sinus infection. Adam and I were all ready but just let her sleep. So Ad picked us up some Dunkin and he watched sports while I surfed the net for E some cute Halloween outfits :) It was really nice and relaxing. Sundays seemed kind of rushed sometimes because it's like...get up, get breakfast, get E fed and washed and dressed, get us dressed, and off to Church we go-usually running behind. So this Sunday morning was relaxing compared to most! After E got up about 11:40, we went to Grandma's to eat lunch! Then we cam back to the house to get ready and let E nap before her 6 month photo shoot with Crissy Callan :) Crissy is really great and takes the cutest pics of our family. She has become like family and we really appreciate her! E did so good during the photo shoot!! I was really surprised. Fortunately, it wasn't 900 degrees outside, maybe 80's so it was some what of a relief! I cannot wait to see the pictures that Crissy captured! I know I will be pleasantly surprised, as always!!

Now it is back to the weekly grind...

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