Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beach weekend

Each year, the week after school gets out, we head to the beach with Adam's entire family on both sides.  This year, we didn't get to stay the full week because we both had to work.  I planned to go back up during the week when I was off but it rained so I didn't.  But we had a wonderful weekend while we were there and enjoyed every last second together with family. 

Mom and Dad took the girls up with them Friday afternoon, and then Ad and I met them there Friday night.  It was a nice peaceful drive, just the two of us :)  Both girls were still up when we got there so that was a nice treat.  We missed them and got to spend a few minutes with them before they went to sleep.  Ella Jae slept on the bed for the first time, and we were nervous at how she would do.  But she did great!  We got her to sleep in our bed and then put her in her bed and she slept the whole night and didn't ever try to get out.  We did buy a railing for a toddler bed and it seemed to do the trick!

Saturday, we got up and took our time getting ready.  We made it to the beach around noon.  I felt like I was packing to go on another vacation and we were just heading over to the beach ha!  It was a lot of work, but it was worth it.  Don't think I could do it everyday for a whole week, though!  I am sure next year will be much easier!...On second thought...we will have TWO little ones to chase ha!

Ella Jae LOVED the ocean!  We had to stay at the water with her the ENTIRE time.  And she knows NO fear.  She wanted to run into the water and go deeper.  It was such a joy to see her light up like that!  She was squealing and laughing!  Maeline didn't seem to mind it either :) She is such a great and 'go with the flow' baby!  She just relaxed, took it all in, and gave us a few smiled before she napped on the beach.  E finally gave it up around 4pm and napped as well.  Ad and I enjoyed some R & R.  I took laying out on the beach for granted....NEVER AGAIN!

Saturday night, we came in from the beach later than expected because the girls were napping so got ready in a hurry and headed to Coligny for dinner, custard and shopping!  We ate a new place called the Frosty Frog!  We love trying new places on the island.  The guys took the girls back a little early so us 'big' girls could enjoy some shopping :)  It was awesome!

Sunday, everyone went to the beach except for me and M.  I decided to stay back because we couldn't stay too long because we had to leave kind of early and it was a lot of work for such a short amount of time.  So Ad and E went to the beach with the whole gang and me and M went shopping at the outlets :)  Sweet M slept the whole time and it was such a perfect day for shopping.  We rounded out our weekend at Giuseppi's for dinner and then made our way home.  It was such a well spent weekend.  We made lots of memories and I look forward to many more at Hilton Head Island with the family and my precious girls!

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