Thursday, May 21, 2009

My favorites!

Two of my favorite shows, Dancing with the Stars and American Idol had their season finales!! What an exciting week! And bless Adam's heart, he endured both nights of both shows with me. Tuesday night was 3 full hours of Dancing with the Stars. The 3 hours were even a little much for me. They dragged it out too long, really, and by the 2nd hour Adam said "Amber, why do they have to drag it out so long? It's not like its the Super Bowl or anything!" And I said, "Adam, it is the Super Bowl for girls!!" And he laughed and said, "ok, I'll watch the 'Super Bowl for girls' with you!" :) It was cute!! But really, girls like that stuff and get into it just as much as guys enjoy sports! I was really shocked that Shawn Johnson won! I really wanted Melissa to win, but though it would be Gilles. But I am glad that Shawn won! She did really well!! And then last night...Amercican Idol!!! American Idol was awesome! To me, it was the best finale ever! It was like a concert! And it ended the way possible with Kris as the new American Idol!!! I was so excited!!! He is just a cutie and good guy, and he is very well-rounded!! Adam Lambert was not my favorite from the beginning. He was just a little too over the top and already a seasoned performer (not what Idol is about). I'm sorry, I'm just not crazy about guys that wear black eyeliner and glitter! But regardless, they both will have a career. Gossip Girl also had it's season finale this week! Megan has gotten me hooked on Gossip Girl! So now that the season ened, I can catch up on the season 1 and 2...thanks Megan :)

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