Sunday, May 31, 2009

Things I want to do this summer...

So, Memorial Day is over which means summer is here! I am such a list person so here is my list of summer "to-do's"...

1. Read the Twlight series
2. Go to the beach (Myrtle in June, Fripp in July, and some HH vacas too)
3. Go camping
4. Save and buy the Olympus E-520 camera
5. Buy a sewing machine
6. Learn how to sew
7. Sew something...or atleast try :-O
8. Finish remodeling our back garage
9. Take our dogs for more walks downtown
10. Go to yard sales
11. Go the the Farmers Market
12. Take day trips to quaint little towns on our days off
13. Enjoy Sundays with the family and late afternoon trips to Marble Slab for supper
14. Spend my Wednesdays off at Mama's by the pool
15. Spend July 4th and my birthday (the day after the 4th) at the fun!!

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