Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2 Months Old

Ella Jae-

You are now 2 months old and we love you more than words can describe! You are as beautiful as ever. Your big blue eyes shine bright. Sometimes I call you "bright eyes!" You are a star! You always steal the show no matter where we are; I can't take you anywhere little girly! When we are with family, they call dibs on you right when we walk threw the door. Everyone wants to look at you and love on you. When we are out and about people say, "look at all that that hair...look at those big blue eyes!!" You have not lost one hair. Some said you may lose all the hair God gave you at birth, but nope, it is still all there! And Mommy likes it so much because I get to put so many cute bows in it, and I pray that you will continue to let me as you grow bigger! You now have little rolls on your legs and Mommy nibbles on your little chubby legs. I even have to make sure I clean between all your little roll creases when you take a bath and when your diaper is changed. You stare at your Mommy, smile, coo, and occasionally laugh, and you hold tight to my hair or shirt. You are Daddy's little girl, no doubt about it. You like to dance with Daddy and do "workouts" with him! You LOVE LOVE LOVE your Poppy! He talks to you so sweetly and you eat up his every word. You are in awe of him, and he can always make you smile. He already spoils you rotten each time you are with him. Ella Jae, you are the light of our life! We can't believe that you have only been in our life for 2 months because it feels like we have loved you our whole life!!

What you are up to:
  • You weigh 9 lbs 12 oz (25 percentile) and are 23 in long (75 percentile). You are tall and slim :)

  • You are still bottle fed. We have had to change your formula 3 times to find one right for your little belly. You drink Similac sensitive, lactose free. You drink 4-5 oz every 3-4 hrs. You are a messy eater and kind of a slow one, too, haha!

  • You are a pretty good sleeper. On a typical night you sleep 6-7 hrs straight!! We lay you down to sleep and you usually drift to sleep right away. You still sleep in your pack-n-play in Mommy and Daddy's room, but we plan to transition you to your crib very soon. We still swaddle you to sleep (you really like it!). You like sleeping with your hands by your face, mostly recently, you sleep with your fist infront of your mouth.

  • You got your first cold right before you turned 2 mths old and that has affected your sleep and Mommy's.
  • You began to cry/scream/turn bright red, like something was hurting you, during the late afternoon and the doctor diagnosed you with a mild case of colic, but it is so mild that it seems to be corrected by your formula change. You would scream at night around 8-11. You could be calmed by lots of movement and holding.

  • The doc also said that when you cry during feedings it is because of reflux. So he said we could give you a teaspoon of maalox before each feeding.
  • You smile, laugh and coo. Although, you make us work really hard to do all 3!

  • You have rolled on your side twice. You can scoot across your entire pack-n-play and when we put you in the middle of a blanket on the floor, you can scoot completely off the blanket onto the floor. You're long little legs are so strong that you lock your legs and stand! Your strength is amazing!

  • You love when your diaper is changed/being nakey. Your just look around and you smile the most during that time. It is never a quick change because we talk and sing together. You have gotten better when your clothes are changed, too.

  • You don't like your swing, but you do like your bouncey seat.

  • Mommy and Daddy let Mem and Poppy babysit you while they went on a date for the first time.

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