Monday, April 26, 2010

Sickly house

I started getting sick on Friday and I thought it was just sinuses. But evidently it was a full out cold because Ella Jae has it too :( Last night she started acting different. She wasn't sleeping and she is a VERY good sleeper. She was coughing, sneezing, and making like a choking noise and couldn't catch her breathe. Bless her little heart. She finally fell asleep on me and stayed asleep in the car on the way home from mom's. She continued to sleep once we got home and then she woke up about 11 pm screaming. She wouldn't eat and seemed very frustrated. And that continues ALL night. Sweet thing, she didn't sleep for more than an hour. She threw up twice and I was panicing! I kept her head elevated because she seemed to get the most comfort that way. So when 6 am rolled around, I knew I was taking her to the doctor. So went this morning when they opened, after calling first, offices seem to be sticklers about that. But the pediactric office we take Ella Jae is soooo good! Everyone in there is so sweet! So it ends up, Ella Jae had my cold and he didn't prescribe any medicine. The doc said it just needs to run its course....tear.....Ella Jae is clearly frustrated that she can't breathe and I use the bulb to clear her nose and it seems to help a little. She is resting more today than last night. I pray that she will have a better night tonight...poor little thing! And gets better very very soon!

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